Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe Signed Executive Orders On Gun Control

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TownHall: After two failed attempts at getting some gun control measures passed, Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe went the executive order route. He signed Number 50 last week, which will do nothing to prevent further gun violence. Why? Well, it could be due to the fact that many of the things in Number 50 are already law. The order establishes a “joint task force to prosecute gun crimes; authorize the attorney general to coordinate and bring criminal cases against firearms law offenders; establish a tip line for illegal gun activity; trace guns used in crime; encourage judges and prosecutors to seek gun forfeiture in felony and other cases; and ban the carry of firearms in state government buildings.”

First, the gun forfeiture provision deals with cases of domestic abuse. Americans convicted on such charges are already barred from owning firearms. Second, there’s a tip line to report illegal gun activity? That’s what 9-1-1 is for–and authorities should always prosecute gun crimes. Yet, the worst offense is in the preface of the executive order, where it says, “It has been estimated that nearly 40% of all guns sold in America are sold by private, unlicensed sellers either online or through gun shows. These sellers are not required by federal or state law to perform any background checks before transferring a firearm.” No. Again; this statistic has been debunked endlessly. more

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  1. We got McAuliffe courtesy of the GOPe. They’re pulling the same crap in the Presidential campaign. If their guy doesn’t get the nomination, they’ll be sure Hillary wins. They’ll lose their place at the popular table otherwise.

  2. somebody just sent me a great picture of a group of sheep behind a sign with a picture of a wolf in a red circle and red line through the wolf

    the sign said no wolves

    the caption read
    gun control

    yes, it’s that stupid

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