Visual Test

This is a century-old visual test. After the jump there will be a picture. Look at it and go to the comments and type what you see.

Depending on what you see you are either a great person or a deviant. So, no pressure.


I’m kidding. The big letdown with this test is they don’t really say it means anything, really. They simply say that it has a lot to do with how creative you are.

I’m just interested in seeing what people see.

Pic after the read more —->


analysis HERE



55 Comments on Visual Test

  1. I was going to argue that it’s not a duck–it looks more like a gull to me. But I guess I’m just weird. I switched between both easily.

  2. the “motion lines” on the right side of the picture led me to see a duck…..on second thought, the rabbit was more clearly drawn….

    next time, leave out the misleading “motion lines,” and give people a fair chance, you QUACKS……

    lol……pun intended…….

    more psychobabble for $500/hour…….

  3. Duck chasing rabbit backwards
    Duck and rabbit angry at each other
    Duck and rabbit joined at the eye
    Obama with his head up Harryest Reid’s ass, or something

  4. Duck first, then rabbit. If you saw a rabbit first, you’re a psychopathic murderer and should turn yourself in. Thank you.

  5. At first I saw a bird, most likely a duck.

    Then I saw an alien spaceship hovering over Washington DC looking for signs of intelligence. It flew away after 10 minutes.

  6. I see America being ravaged by radical moslem marxist homosexual Kenyan Satanic statist totalitarians pretending to be social Demonrats …

    what I win?

  7. I saw a duck and a rabbit and in the interest of science I saw the duck first. Also Take a long walk off of a short pier mickey moussaoui, for putting that image back into my head. ;–)

  8. It’s a snail “racing” across a AA battery, on top of a mirror! Or rather, racing across the mirror but he’s on top of the battery as if he’s using it to roll along!!!

  9. “it changes real fast but i see an anchor and then a sjw demanding amnesty for everybody”
    That’s funny when I look at the image while shaking my head back and forth really fast, I see a bunch of sjw’s demanding amnesty for everybody while standing in front of a firing squad.

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