“Scalia Was Murdered” Whispering Has Been Upgraded To Water Cooler Discussion

It’s starting to gain momentum because of the oddness surrounding his death and how quickly he was “brushed under the rug.”


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  1. This is growing legs fast. Check out the Drudge links. Again I’m wondering how many high ranking government officials, physically active or not, died with out an autopsie. Seems that would be standard protocol at that level.

  2. The only reason someone would leave a pillow over a victim’s face (yes, face…if his hands are ‘almost’ folded) is to leave a message.

  3. Sylvia, There’s not a doubt in my little mind this regime is not beyond that kind of message. I’m wondering if VayJay can account for her wear abouts that night.

  4. Lead Pipe. Has anybody ever seen a lead pipe? Can you find them at Home Depot? The answer to both questions is hell know. Therefore I demand my client Big Fur Hat be released and these charges dropped. The indecent exposure charges at the zoo are another matter.

  5. Don’t let the pillow be a distraction. There a many avenues to death paved in food and drink.

    Remember, too, that “the best way to cover up a murder is with confusion.”

  6. If a Dan Brown book opened with a Supreme Court justice dying on a remote ranch in his bed with a pillow over his face, and the death warrant was quickly issued without an autopsy, you’d say, “okay, this is going to be a good book.”

    We’re in chapter one and the left is going right to “a new justice is appointed, THE END.”

    This seems bizarre. no?
    What times are we living in?

  7. Well, the Clintons have quite a trail of bodies and just look at who we have to confront on a daily basis. Our government is ‘out of control’.

  8. From the gitgo. I said Call Miss Marple I’ll withhold comment until “the establishment” gets its story together
    But there better be an autopsy or the shit will be flying for the next thenty five years. Books, documentaries, investigations by Greta Van Nausium, Conspiracies us the gazoo, you name it.
    Better call Saul, or Miss Marple This country is off the fucking rails.

  9. The pillow is a problem. If I am having a heart attack. I am probably flailing. How does pillow end up on my face and not the floor?

  10. Brad and Ann, remember how Breitbart died. I agree, the pillow could be a red herring.

    No autopsy, quick embalming, and confusing details is a favorite modus operandi. Look at the death of Pope John Paul I.

  11. What times are we living in?

    Pay attention to migration to two states right now. Idaho and Wyoming. The Bitterroot valley in Idaho in particular. This is not right. Something smells. I’ve said this many many times here. To accomplish what they want, they need your guns. They just got them.

  12. Sylvia, the Moosad killed some whacky Iraqi in an elivator not to long ago with a pin prick. The only reason we know is Russian intel. You know the Russians warned Trump on a threat to his life. All true.

  13. The NYT and the WP left Poindexter’s “pillow” comment out of their reports. Makes one wonder why? No, not really.

  14. “…guns. They just got them.” **

    Brad, they just got -everything- they wanted and Paul Ryan gave them the money to implement it all.

    ** Repeating for Those Needing:
    Prepare for the National Guard to “inspect” every American home this Summer searching for mosquitoes.

    Their ducks are lining up very quickly. 🙁

  15. See you on the Bitterroot.

    Are we alarmists freaks? Or are we being conquered right now? Shouldn’t this guys position demand a little more than just some hick Doctor saying Heart Attack? Either I’m really Fd up or something is wrong.

  16. Who in Hell determines a “Cause of Death” over the telephone with no Medical Examiner? (maybe Sylvia Browne) 🙄

    After all, this was a Supreme Court Justice, not a deer crossing I-10. 👿

  17. This will likely take the same route with the Scalia family as the one with the Vince Foster family…

    “An investigation won’t bring him back.” 🙁 🙁 🙁

  18. I do not believe the initial reports. But I also do not believe the secondary reports. Be wary of those pushing too-obvious conspiracies. Be adamant in opposing precipitous action without adequate information. But above all, be prepared for the governmental powers-that-be to run amok. This is a dangerous time, very dangerous.

  19. Al, why wouldn’t a sitting Supreme Court Justice not deserve an autopsy? I’ve got to think that’s standard protocol.

  20. Speaking of family, it’s hindsight, but it’s too bad Scalia’s son bailed out on accompanying his father to the ranch at the last minute.

    I’m curious who were the other 35 guests at the ranch?

    A ranch fifteen miles from the Mexican border and covering 30,000 acres. I would think that’s a tough spread to patrol, especially in times like these.

  21. Bad_Brad, I cannot imagine any good reason why there was no autopsy ordered. But I’m also aware that everything that has been reported has come from a very small number of people. I’m deeply skeptical of any- and everything I’ve heard/read so far.

  22. Al, Let me interject this. The family has the right to have an autopsy done. They can certainly afford it. Anybody heard from the family or are the being held hostage in the White House? I kid. What’s the family saying? I can’t find anything.

  23. @Bad_Brad – This is from the WaPo article:

    Chris Lujan, a manager for Sunset Funeral Homes, said Scalia’s body was taken from the El Paso facility late Sunday afternoon and was being flown to Virginia, though he had no details. Scalia’s family didn’t think a private autopsy was necessary and requested his remains be flown home as soon as possible, he said.

    Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told The Associated Press on Sunday she consulted with Scalia’s personal physician and sheriff’s investigators, who said there were no signs of foul play, before concluding the 79-year-old had died of natural causes.

    “Cinderela Guevara” – Really?!?!

  24. Al, I think we’re getting on the same page. 15 miles from the border. An older but active man, a sitting Supreme Court justice. In the interest of national security this does not pencil.

  25. Bottom line…
    Cross this Administration and you’re toast.
    This is uncharted territory. Dangerous territory.
    Stay vigilant and remember Churchill’s advice:

    “When you’re going through Hell, keep going.”

  26. One article from a Drudge link said he was embalmed already as in Saturday afternoon. That pretty damn quick and yes I know it’s required to transport the deceased across state lines.

    In many states you don’t need to be an MD or have medical experiences to be elected or appointed to the Coroner’s position, however, if the cause of death is not obvious then an autopsy is necessary. Many coroners simply confirm the person is dead, do not determine a cause but can order an inquest, a coroners jury and an autopsy.
    The Medical Examiner, ME, has a different role usually.

  27. If you don’t own a gun, go get one. Get your go bag ready. If Obama tries to appoint a Supreme Court Justice this week, that’s proof enough. That is the proof. Many have suggested this will be pockets of resistance. Maybe some. But the battle lines are forming in the areas I stated above.

  28. This Cinderella señorita was a Justice of the Peace.
    The only medical personnel contacted were by phone.
    There weren’t even any EMT’s present.
    Reportedly, Texas law requires an autopsy if the deceased is unknown to local authorities.

    A common argument used by those with someone to protect is, “An investigation won’t bring him back to life.”

    Oh, by the way, did I mention that the U. S. Constitution also died Saturday?

  29. Rush and Levin’s shows will be must listen radio for sure tomorrow.

    I don’t know what to think. It’s all too strange and too convenient for this to have happened when it did. The aftermath is perplexing. No doubt.

  30. Well, Illustr8r, Monday Rush broadcasts have been anticipated for the past month or so, but, as you said, none more than tomorrow’s show.

    Unfortunately, this all-too-convenient trimming of the SCOTUS has a very predictable aftermath. Kiss the U.S. Constitution good-bye and say hello to a totally out-of-control government.

    I seem to recall Rush promised he’d tell his listeners when it was time to panic. Be listening tomorrow.

  31. Why now???
    If you have the ability to kill a sitting SC justice, why now?
    Years ago would have been better.
    Is there any land mark decisions coming up that he would have stopped?
    Is this how Obama stays in office? The SC can’t vote him out now?
    Can’t remove him by force, legally?
    It would be a tie vote.

    Any legal scholars out there

  32. Was he murdered? Meh. Very convenient timing though. And what is the deal with the pillow?

    I’ve seen enough CSI and other police procedurals to know that they can determine the color of shoes the killer wore by skin flake DNA on the pillow. 8-p

    Apparently the dem party passed some rules years ago that election year SC nominations don’t happen. Of course, their own rules rarely apply to themselves. Hopefully Cruz is aware of that precedent at least.

  33. It’s not conspiracy paranoia to acknowledge that our government arbitrarily chooses which laws matter. And they’ve made themselves so many laws to choose from….

    And allow me to say it here first:
    Apparently Justice Scalia was no Justice Roberts.

    May his Memory Be Eternal.
    American Justice died along with this guardian of The Constitution.

  34. It’s too bad the family took a pass on the autopsy. Authorities will usually respect the family’s wishes in these matters.

    The was one detail in the reportage that struck me as odd. Upon discovery of the body, Federal authorities were notified.

    Really? The Feds are the last bunch of people I’d want to be notifying these days. When I was growing up, my father, a cop, drilled it into me that if a person dies outside close medical supervision (e.g. hospital, nursing home, home hospice care, etc.) the first thing to do is leave the body alone and call the local police so they can rule out foul play.

    I’m not even sure I’d know what Federal agency to call in this case. But the local police would be a total no-brainer

  35. @Jerry Manderin: Actually, you CAN sweep a Supreme Court Justice under the rug, but it makes a helluva big lump for people to have to walk around, and you may have to move the coffee table out of the living room.



  36. @ GFY, in Massachusetts this would be classified as an “Unattended Death;” it would be investigated by troopers assigned to the district attorney’s office. There is generally an autopsy to determine a cause of death, or a “viewing” by the ME if the cause was known/anticipated. Bottom line, the ME and DA would be involved.

    But this did occur in Texas and they are not as …’anal’ about these things as MA.

  37. Radio Free America Announcer: It’s 11:59 on Radio Free America; this is Uncle Sam, with music, and the truth until dawn. Right now I’ve got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone: “the chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall”, “john has a long mustache, john has a long mustache”. It’s twelve o’clock, American, another day closer to victory. And for all of you out there, on, or behind the line, this is your song.

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