Walk For Life – West Coast

This website on Twitter has a lot of links to images and videos from the West Coast Walk for Life event on Friday. Give it a look-see.

Go here.

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  1. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people marching for LIFE in San Francisco—so many that it took several hours for all those present to walk down Market Street from Civic Center Plaza to the Ferry Building. A sea of people: happy, positive, encouraging, committed, all ages and races, glad to be there, raising their voices in hymns and songs as they marched.

    Some protesters, as usual, but not as many as in years past. But this year there was something astoundingly different: many, many spectators standing and APPLAUDING as we walked by. In San Francisco!

    I walked in honor of Plain Jane, whose commitment to the pro-life cause is unassailable, and whose example and encouragement continues to inspire me.

  2. Thank God for all these people. I mentioned something to a very good friend of mine – I pray that we do not need to schedule these walks anymore. That would only be possible if abortion was outlawed. Please, God, make it so!

  3. Can’t help noticing the overall character of these life-affirming people as opposed to the “Women’s March”. Neat and cheerful in appearance vs. angry and groomed to provoke. Grievance peddlers are constantly at odds with God’s world, while pro-lifers seem to be able to find the joy in almost every moment. Thank you to everyone willing to CELEBRATE LIFE!

  4. Hi MJA!

    God is converting hearts and mind through the efforts of His people.

    This twitter site is amazing Mary.

    If you know of an abortion, consider naming the child and asking God to baptize him/her and spiritually adopting the child and mom/dad.


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