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Walker to File Today

The presidential race is about to add one more contender. Governor Scott Walker (WI-R) is filing the necessary paper work with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) later today. The official kickoff will be July 13th.


 The timing of this announcement is curious given that presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders (VT-I) was in The Dairy State last night and President Obama is expected later today to talk up his new overtime pay proposal.


Walker had something to say to both visitors.

14 Comments on Walker to File Today

  1. Good for him. I don’t know if he’ll be the best candidate but I suspect this demolition derby of a nomination race will come down to 3 or 4 quality candidates and he will be one of them.

  2. I don’t want him to run. He should stay home and keep helping us in WI. He goes to DC, and he’ll get ‘compromised’ like all the other R’s.
    Stay home, Scott. We need strong governor’s to stand up to DC.

  3. Does that make it 16 or 17 declared candidates for the Republican ticket?

    Are there any other potential candidates that haven’t declared yet? I know Kasich is suppose to jump in officially around mid-month too, but that’s about the last one (I hope).

  4. Agree Burner. He needs to stay here and get the damn Assembly and Senate under control. We have a great opportunity now with conservatives in charge of everything in WI but it is just being squandered…

  5. Walker had better put a noose on John Chisholm before spending dime one on a presidential campaign. That SOB needs to croak.

  6. The Assembly is moving forward with their version and I think the Senate is farther along on their budget proposal than this article indicates


    They’ve dropped the Bucks Arena from the bill and prevailing wage reform. I guess they’ll be addressed some time in the future.

    I believe they are farther along on getting the 2 year budget done than the media gives them credit for.

  7. Not much Walker can do about him. Even if he could it would be seen as political revenge and the local hacks that call themselves the media would report is as such. Hopefully the civil rights lawsuit against Chisolm proceeds and he gets what is coming

  8. Thanks for the article. There are some good things in the budget but I don’t understand why certain items were overridden, i.e. Spending money on the stewardship plan, reducing cuts to UW. I agree with removing new arena funding and prevailing wage for now.

  9. It’ll keep Hillary out for sure. LoL. The Dems are so hooked on screwing whitey and the 1%, they won’t be able to focus on one person. (If I can call them “persons”) Heh.

  10. Which is the “Old White” party and which is the “Young, Diverse” party?

    2016 Dem Candidates*
    (All White)

    Average Age on Election Day: 66.75

    Clinton 69
    Sanders 75
    O’Malley 53
    Webb 70

    2016 Rep Candidates*
    (Two Hispanics, one Indian heritage, one Black added to the Whites)
    Note: I’ve included Kasich and Walker, both of whom are expected to announce shortly.

    Average Age on Election Day: 58.25

    Bush 63
    Carson 65
    Christie 54
    Cruz 45
    Fiorina 62
    Graham 61
    Huckabee 61
    Jindal 45
    Kasich 64
    Pataki 71
    Paul 53
    Perry 66
    Rubio 45
    Santorum 58
    Trump 70
    Walker 49

    *Both parties have one female candidate, which negates the “war on women” argument.

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