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Washington Times’ Charles Hurt: President Trump Got Himself Reelected This Week

Geller Report: The Washington Times’ Charles Hurt appeared on the Tucker Carlson show Wednesday night to discuss how recent events are “playing right into the hands of Donald Trump.” He cites the success of radical leftist candidates in recent Democratic primaries and, in particular, the race that everyone is talking about, 28 year-old Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s surprise win over ten-term Congressman Joseph Crowley in New York District 14. It was once thought that Crowley, referred to as the “King of Queens,” might even become the next Speaker of the House if Democrats regain the House majority in November. Instead, as Trump said, “he got his a** kicked.” The Democrat’s lurch to the left, Hurt believes, will not play out well in the general election.

He compares it to the Tea Party candidates who prevailed in the 2010 Republican primaries, but were too far to the right to win in a general election. An example would be Tea Party senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s defeat of the more moderate Delaware Congressman Michael Castle in the primary. She lost the general election because she was far too conservative for the state. Prior to the primary, Castle, who had served two terms as governor and nine terms in the House, was considered a shoo-in to beat the Democrat, Chris Coons.

Similar scenarios played out all over the country in the 2010 mid-terms. At one point, it appeared likely that Harry Reid would lose his Senate seat to Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle in Nevada. Instead, he won the race. It was thought that a more moderate, more seasoned candidate could have derailed him.

Throughout the recent New York District 14 primary, Ocasio-Cortez “attacked Crowley for his race saying that, as a white man, he was not fit to represent the district. She explicitly said this election is about race.”

Carlson and Hurt wondered how a candidate could get away with saying that “the election is about the color of a person’s skin.”

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5 Comments on Washington Times’ Charles Hurt: President Trump Got Himself Reelected This Week

  1. That’s right. Too conservative. Republicans need to run moderates to win. Like John McCain and Mitt Romney

  2. ^^^^^ like the dems need to run more candidates like … um, Hillary Clinton ^^^^^

  3. November is a long way off. This reminds me, what ever happened to the commission President Trump assembled to investigate election cheating?

  4. Every Democrat candidate should be asked at public debates. “You are running to be a lawmaker, but you want to ignore laws and get rid of law enforcement, If you are elected, why would anyone obey laws you enact?”

  5. Tony R. If I remember correctly, the task was turned over to the DHS as a national security issue to protect the process from lawsuits.


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