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WATCH: Bill Barr Says They Found Something On Trump!

Get ready. The Deep State is moving at record speed!

Bill Barr says that recent developments are somehow proof that feds are trying to take down Donald Trump over his connection to January 6th. It’s not just about the protestors apparently.

He’s not even hiding it anymore. The federal government is literally working overtime to target Donald Trump personally right before the 2024 presidential election.

This is wrong. Period.

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  1. Sea slugs are just nasty all the way around.
    Hey Bill, we still remember Ruby ridge.
    Nice timing on your passed treachery.

  2. Was The Donald communicating with Ray Epps via wireless on January 6? If not, find who was or FOAD.

  3. Right before what? Election is over 2years away. The more the grip is tighten on this the more outrageous claims will fly. Of course they have the “goods” on him.

  4. Anything concrete here?
    Nope! Zip, zero, nada!
    But he sure sounds so erudite saying it!
    Well that won’t keep them from bastardizing the law to fit their agenda.
    In Joseph Stalin’s regime they said: “Show me the man and I will show you the law”
    In Joseph Stolen’s regime they ignore the law, flaunt the law, tell us there is no law, then redefine the law to fit their needs! For example they redefined what a “Recession” is when it clearly IS a recession that even Stevie Wonder can see!

  5. I wonder if their evidence is more damning than the evidence pencil neck Schiff has on him.

  6. Zero,nada,zip,dream on! Foolish to think they don’t. They are not going announce what they, period.
    When he is finally charged then & only then will it be known. Soon, very soon. Be patient.

  7. Fuck Bill Barr-get a extra thick rope for his scummy ass-he’s got a lot bad shit to account for.

  8. Our country is at the crossroads it is because of two people: Jeff Sessions and William Barr. They had the power to save the nation, but they were part of the scam after all.

  9. He can’t disclose what they have because Adam Schiff for brains hasn’t finished fabricating it just yet!

  10. Oh contraire anything found incriminating during the execution of that search warrant can & will be used against him.
    They (DOJ) have enough already, just seeing if there are anymore further charges. Plus those documents are not his.
    Example, say he has been charged he then comes back & destroys those documents.
    Now he can not. He has a history of destroying government documents. Why because thats what someone does when they are guilty of a crime &/or cover up.

  11. Barr should be careful or he’ll be playing his bagpipes in hell. Repent and sin no more, Bill Barr.

    Do any of these people realize that God has his hand on POTUS Trump?!

  12. What a supreme disappointment Bill Barr has been. So Sad.

  13. Had his chance to be a real American and stomped on it. Communists make believe they trust him, but many of them actually know the truth.

  14. They got Trump on the ropes now. They found out he stole candy from a baby in 1959.

    Schiff to Cheney: Heh, there’s no way he’ll walk….we’ll make sure he gets life for that heinous crime….not only a crime against that baby, but a crime against all Americans…he’s toast.

    Meanwhile Cheney gets a warm spot deep, deep down inside.

  15. OK, some douchebag actor is still yakking about Trump “grabbing a pussy”, which in my opinion is not physically possible. A woman’s sex organ is a hole, a negative entity.

    How does one grab a hole?

    So was Trump serious or joking? Until that chicken gutted actor can show how to grab a negative entity like a hole, I say Trump was joking.

  16. “They planted something on him.”

    There, fixed it for you.

  17. Mean, when has Bill Barr ever lied to us before?

  18. Like numerous democrats, Barr should be looked at hard for his collection of child porn on his computer.

  19. Barr is a back-stabbing traitor who did nothing to prosecute Hillary’s crimes, nor ‘insurance policy’ writing fbi lover/agents, Comey’s crimes of fake FISA warrants etc etc etc – Nothing – during his entire time in office except subvert Trump’s efforts & now make money off his book. I don’t believe anything the man says!

  20. was something on the bottom of his shoe, stepped in an obama

  21. Bill Barr reminds me of a big fat frog sitting on a rock in a swamp.

    Here’s hoping he croaks, soon.


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