WATCH: Mitt Romney STUNS Congress – Makes A Surprise Announcement – IOTW Report

WATCH: Mitt Romney STUNS Congress – Makes A Surprise Announcement

Mitt Romney is getting more delusional by the day…

In a disturbing gesture, Romney went on the Senate Floor and revealed that he believed Senator Rand Paul is giving a secret “Nod to Putin” by opposing billions in foreign aid.

Mitt Romney is literally suggesting that Rand Paul is a Putin sympathizer because Paul doesn’t support sending handouts overseas.

This is madness. And it represents everything that’s wrong with Romney today.

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  1. “Putin will put Ukraine…BACK IN CHAINS!”

    This asshole.
    The left laughed at him for worrying about Russia and all this motherfucker can do is attack his own party.
    True definition of a bastard cuck!

  2. I thought the announcement would be he was transitioning into a woman. Might as well since he’s a big pussy.

  3. This guy should quit picking on people that make him look like an intellectual midget. He accused Tulsi Gabbard of the same bull shit and she made him look like the dumb asshole he is. Forced an apology out of him. Rand Paul will do much worse.

  4. He must have missed the part about not shooting in your own tent of the Reagan biography. More likely, never made it past the communist manifesto.

  5. Billions in foreign aid means money printing and higher inflation. Rather than Paul giving Putin the nod I just assume every politician for this is giving the America people the finger.

  6. “Secret nod to Putin”……
    Is this the same as “coded dog whistle”, that only certain DildoCrats can hear, interpret, and let us poor ignorant benighted privileged white people know about?

  7. It’s a shame they outlawed duels. Otherwise Rand Paul should get a pair of gloves and slap the crap out of Mittens and challenge him to dueling paintball guns.

  8. He’s as well coiffed as Newsom. Saaaaaayyyyyy…………is there a family resemblance there? They certainly act alike.

  9. The Paul Amendment was simply to provide an accounting of funds spent. THAT is what Mittens is opposing. He agrees with Dems that Ukraine is to be used as a money-laundering operation.

  10. mittens, crazy nancy, biteme, & lurch’s kids are all getting a paycheck from ukraine where he wants to send more unaccounted for taxpayer dollars

    mittens is bain capital
    bain capital had their dirty hands in every single cookie jar

    the political class is absolutely evil

  11. Mitt is a failure like his dad. Ran AMC straight into the ditch. And all Mitt can say is ‘but I saved the Olympics!’

  12. Will anyone here admit voting for him because the alternative was just as bad? Happy he lost, he’ll never run again, we have him pegged.

  13. I’m a telling you. The democrats must have a video of Mittens sucking a five year old’s dick. The guy literally parrots every democrat talking point now.

  14. Mitt ha been a leftist BUSH REPUBLICAN. for 40 years. Which is why I did NOT VOTE FOR HIM! Tigers dont change their stripes! Mitch was”extremely” lefty 10 years ago; still is!

  15. @Goldenfoxx: I admit to voting for the terminally and always rotten asslicker. I didn’t want to but then there was oscuma. I obviously just should have left that part of the ballot blank

  16. Are RINOs worse than democrats?

    Yes, I think so, because they hide behind the GOP apron pretending to be conservatives. IOW, they are complete phonies. At least leftists are not shy about what their plans are for us deplorables.

  17. Didn’t know then, what I know now about Mittens. Yet, even back when I voted for him it made my stomach ache. What an evil wimp.
    That statement btw, sounded like a case of projection. Guilty conscience much, Mittens? Nah, just corrupt stupidity.

  18. @MikeD August 9, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    > We need to start searching for a good Conservative replacement for Mittens.

    When Guido and Nunzio grab you off the street. Sit you down at the casino table. Put a gun to your head. And say “play!”. Do you think the rules will let you win? Even if you “win”?

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