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WATCH: Chris Wallace Finally Says It’s Retirement Time!

Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat. That’s why is was surprising when he said on national television that Biden is a disaster.

On CNN, Wallace admitted that Biden’s recent polling is so bad that he should just “enjoy his retirement” and go away!

This represents a turn in the media. Even the establishment is souring on Biden!

8 Comments on WATCH: Chris Wallace Finally Says It’s Retirement Time!

  1. Yo pot – Kettle here!
    Yer black too!!

    Ahhhh Chris… go check yer birth certificate! At 74 (about to be 75 in October) yer no spring chicken either, and jumping from FOX to that CNN+ fiasco qualified as one of the most epic blunders in Media history.
    You shoulda just hung it up, but nooooooo… yer too arrogant, vain and imperious (emphasis on the imp)

  2. here’s a scenario: Biden eats dust and his wife, not ready to move out of the WH, props him up at meetings, copies his voice and mannerisms, and pretends like he’s not a corpse. She’ll grab his hand and reach out to greet someone else, even if someone else is not even there.

    This will go on for a couple days till a foul scent is detected and flies start buzzing around old Joe’s head.

  3. Wallace helped that doddering foolish imbecile Biden in the campaign debate.
    Reep what you sew, fool! The chickens are coming home to roost.
    You destroyed your own career!

  4. It would be really cool if the Grim Reaper catches Wallace and Biden in his scythe at the same time.

  5. Soon, we won’t have to put up with that floor-mop headed dumb Lesbian pervert at the WH daily briefing anymore.


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