WATCH: Fox News FIGHT Breaks Out – “She Was Punished!” – IOTW Report

WATCH: Fox News FIGHT Breaks Out – “She Was Punished!”

Two Fox News contributors got into a shouting match Thursday over the FBI’s treatment of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton compared to former President Donald Trump.

One guest even said “She was punished” and tried to suggest Donald Trump was not treated worse (which is stupid).

Trump is being mistreated. Anyone who disagrees on this issue is wrong. Period.

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  1. joe6pak, previously I had pulled up a video with Tarlov in it. When I was first driving, about 50 years ago, car speakers were crappy. If you turned up the radio volume too much, you could blow the speaker, and the radio would sound even crappier. Tarlov’s voice sounds like a 1975 AMC Matador with a broken speaker. I mean, don’t they screen people for media jobs for voice, appearance, and ability? As soon as she opens her trap I feel like stuffing a sock in her gob!

  2. there’s no hope for people like jessica

    she doesn’t know she’s nothing more than a useful idiot & I’d recommend she start learning about history & what happens to them idiots when they’re no longer useful

  3. Her voice is grating, and her words are pure BS.
    Hillary lost because most Americans know she’s an evil lying witch.

  4. I hate FAUX. RINO news is fake news. I can read about it here without having to look at or listen to those phony bastards

  5. The thing about Jessica Tarlov is she actually does believe what she’s saying. She’s ignorant, but not necessarily a liar.
    Now Sandra Smith on the other hand is a big time Lib liar and Gun Hater.


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