WATCH: Sarah Palin SABOTAGED On Camera – Footage Released! – IOTW Report

WATCH: Sarah Palin SABOTAGED On Camera – Footage Released!

Sarah Palin’s meeting was just sabotaged (zoom bombed)after someone raided her “Zoom Meeting” by uploading a large picture of private body parts for everyone to see.

This is all that Democrats have left. Trolling.

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  1. Typical democrats. Junior High School arrested development. Can’t make a logical argument so they resort to name calling, feces throwing, and penis drawing. Same mentality as some of the trolls who visit here.

  2. Democrats show their reeking skunk unwashed ignoramus juvenile asses all the time. That is their lot and what each one will take with them when they krap out. (no offense to other juveniles, skunks, and asses).

  3. The communists hate Palin almost as bad as they hate Trump when ever they go after someone like her or Trump its because they scare the holy shit out of the commies they are so afraid of them another one that scares them big time is our little congress woman Boebart she puts the fear in them and also congress women Green.The communists are so afraid of these people they are afraid they will expose the dem/communists for what they really are communists and liars who are out to take over the US and make it a communist state and they have almost done it.

  4. There was Palin derangement syndrome before there was Trump derangement syndrome.Now the haters are doubly messed up.

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