Watch this graph that compares outbreaks of the past with Coronavirus

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  1. Yeah, I don’t know. Are we even sure a lot of the corona patients are ‘actually’ corona patients?

    It’s supposedly up to 80k now.
    But most of them survived and recovered.

  2. And yet it started in China, most of the deaths are in China and China had some benefits – they are harming the world economy after suffering damaging tariffs, promoting a US recession with closed factories to harm Trump in an election year and they have tamped down unrest in Hong Kong. These are also apple and orange viruses. Ebola killed 99% of people while this virus is like the flu and in our 1st world country will likely leave 99% alive. More fear mongering.

  3. Swine flu. 1976. An election year. Press beat Gerald Ford mercilessly. Carter won in November. When your back is against the wall, go back to a strategy that worked in the past.

  4. Most of the deaths are from secondary infections. 97% of the US antibiotics come from…China! (A situation that has existed for decades, and one that President Trump has been trying to correct).

  5. ^^^MJA…I agree, this whole thing is suspicious and is beginning to look like another attack on the President. Dems/press…”let’s take an unrelated issue, blow it out of all proportion and tie it to the President.”
    Alar, h1n1, madcow, swine flu, bird flu, aids, global warming, ice age, snowmageddon, asteroids attack, killer bees, fire ants, rising seas, drought, floods…..yet we’re still here.

  6. In 2018, 61,000 people died from ordinary flu in the U.S. alone.

    This hysteria, and the short-sale attacks on the stock market, are the latest anti-Trump tactic.

  7. I have a family member that generally doesn’t go much past the headlines or 10’oclock news. She was listening to the press coverage of the coronavirus and it just didn’t seem right to her, so she went online and read more details, got the “bigger picture”, and concluded on her own that the press is completely blowing this out of proportion.

  8. You are correct janitor! The democrats and the media are willing to crash the economy, destroy people’s savings and even lives to regain power. They are praying for millions of deaths to occur.

  9. Note that the video is more than 2 weeks old, showing 43,000 infected. Current number of infected is 83,000+ – less than double, when that graph was showing daily increases of double-digit percent.

  10. It’s either exponentially worse than publicly stated or it doesn’t really exist. In any case, the line we’re being fed isn’t the truth.

  11. “They are praying for millions of deaths to occur.”


    they are planning on it to cure global warming and over population, or so they have all said


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