We Have Bankrupted Our Children’s Future Because We Elect Economic Evil-Doers and Morons – IOTW Report

We Have Bankrupted Our Children’s Future Because We Elect Economic Evil-Doers and Morons

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  1. whoever runs against Manchin only needs this photo. Use it everywhere….t-shirts, posters, billboards and fly it from a plane.

  2. Man… I dunno whoodafuq pissed in this Asshole’s Cheerios back in the day, but when Jackass Joe took office he essentially said: “When it comes to revenge, I’m like a reverse mortgage. I’m gonna fuck you all up for three generations!”

  3. Will W Virginians finally grow a pair and finally get rid of lying leftist Manchin after this?! He thinks he is going to run for POTUS 2024 as a moderate sane solution too.

  4. Your title of the post suggests the piper will not have to be paid until our children come of age, I submit the debt will come due much sooner. We all will be affected by our government’s profligacy, count on it.

  5. Progressivism is 100% invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death. Everything they advocated for is designed with the same end result in mind. Nothing they have accomplished has a record of not increasing net innocent human suffering, misery and death. Not one damn thing.

  6. Progressivism never built anything! They can’t compete with the talent, will and accomplishments of Capitalism, so they’re only choice is to drag everything down to their level of Suck in order to compete! How we ever let them get a foothold in our society is beyond me, but we can all see the level of destruction they’ve incurred on it!

  7. I’m sad today because a friend of mine passed away in his sleep last night. He was much older than I, but still young and in great shape. Seemingly healthy, running marathons, and in general active not a old codger. It got me thinking about the COVID shot again. He was a mega liberal and I”m sure was shot and boosted. So who benefits from our MEN being taken away too early in their lives? Women are dying too, but not in the masses that men are experiencing. Now hear me out…

    Do you think, that if they planned this to wipe out our men, young and old… leaving women relatively unharmed… that CHINA with the excess Male Population would have access to the women? One thing I don’t know… is China giving everyone the shots/booster too? That would be a hell of a lot of shots. I haven’t heard, but then again would we hear? Also it would be a great way to take over all the Nations, not just USA. Sort of a War without blood shed. I’m crazy, right?

    Thanks for listening to my rant. 🙂

  8. from what I’ve learned since NOV 2020 THE PEOPLE haven’t elected ANY of these evil doers, they’ve been selected for us … and they always “win” by just a smidge
    we have been cheated and lied to for too many years

  9. The fact is that we all got gyped. I truly believe if not for the utterly worthless fucking psychopaths who have infested DC for decades, many of us would have jobs colonizing the Moon, Mars, and the asteroid belt. But, instead, rich, privileged, sadistic cunts with no imagination and a lust for control being the end-all-be-all of their shitty existence actively seek out everything that could possibly make the human species evolve into something amazing and fucking kill it. They want a world full of niggers, eunuchs, and functional retards lorded over by Davos crowd scumbags. It’s as simple as that.

  10. “We Have Bankrupted Our Children’s Future Because We Elect Economic Evil-Doers and Morons ”

    Well. I’ve done a lot of thinking on this, even though I’m not that smart, and I believe after they collapse it, it might get better on local levels. People will still need to sell their homes. So they bypass the banks and the title companies, make an equitable deal and have the title transferred at the county. Need groceries? We either start growing are own or barter. Ammo, same thing. Need a car? It won’t be from a dealer and not through a bank. So whom exactly is committing economic suicide here? Am I full of shit?


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