“We need to be willing to send people back or they’ll keep coming.”

Steve King (R) rags on fellow Republicans who are signing on for illegal alien amnesty.

7 Comments on “We need to be willing to send people back or they’ll keep coming.”

  1. There should be a lot more pressure put on Mexico for stopping the flow. The sleazy and corrupt government there has been sticking their thumbs in our eyes for decades. They are not a friend to the U.S. and never have been. They take every opportunity to screw us because of their resentment. They’ve been palming off their poorest to us for way too long. I despise those scum.

  2. I cannot understand why republicans are committing political suicide by supporting amnesty when polls say 70% of the voters do not want it. Senators, we will not forget your treachery. We are no longer sheeple. We will vote your ass out.

  3. Make sanctuary cities there own states. That way they can’t use red county taxes to pay for their idiocracy.

  4. WE should land a large cargo plane every day at noon in Mexico City and dump off illegals we have picked up. Just tell Mexico to keep the approach clear or we send F16s too. They have no choice. When did you ever hear the words “Mexican Air Force”!!! Those on their second deportation end up in Patagonia, and if they make it back a third time…………….Somalia with a chip in their ass………

  5. Assess a 50% tax on all moneygrams sent back to Mexico. Part of the incentive for people who work here illegally is to support their families back in Mexico. If you remove the financial benefit of illegally entering the USA there is far less reason to risk the consequences.

    Implement a 10 mile deep zone from the border. If you are caught in this zone without a visa or proof of US citizenship, you are immediately deported. No day in court. No pleas for mercy. Loaded on a bus and hauled back. Schools almost out. We will have plenty of buses available.

    If we end the economic lure for illegal immigration we can end the influx of illegals. It is economics that drive this issue. We also need to make the penalty of a business knowingly employing illegal workers severe enough to make any business think twice before risking such a move.


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