We Want To Limit Our Coverage of School Shootings Because We Believe It Leads To CopyCats, But We Want To Honor This Young Man

Christian “Riley” Garcia barricaded himself against a door to try and save his fellow students. He already picked up two students off the floor an ushered them out of harm’s way. He was fatally wounded when the mentally ill maniac shot through the door.

Garcia was planning on entering the military.

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  1. This sucks. It’s reaching epidemic proportions. You don’t hear about the mentally deranged ass holes that are stopped by local LE because of something posted on social media. There’s been several in my county. It’s out of control. What cultural shift has created this? Believe me, this has happened enough that somebody has the data on these animals. Video games, prescription drugs? They know. But they want your guns. My kids just informed me about how brutal “Grand Theft Auto” is. That game should be designated PG 45 and sales discontinued.

  2. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” ~ James 15:13

    Godspeed young man…

  3. should have a link to the whole story……this kid was more than a hero, and “barring the door” is the least of it……

  4. A strong resolve in that young mans eyes. Such a waste. And the piece of human waste that shot him will be eligible for parole in 40 years. He’s be 57.

  5. Video games with active shooter participants have little value outside of military and LEO training. To have young kids, on psychoactive drugs playing this like it is recreation is ridiculous.

  6. @ Chance- one of the best posts I have read so far on IOTW.

    James or John? We all should make such a mistake.

    YOU are forgiven.

    Carry on.

    May that young MAN RIP.

  7. Schools better get control or people will start removing their kids. No social media in schools and they really don’t need computer time either unless in a lab IMO bc how many can’t write or even print legibly anymore or quickly add up long columns of numbers with paper and pencil like we used to. Uniforms of some sort (no trench coats allowed for hiding weapons in) Hey I read today that one girl who was killed had told her parents she was threatened by the perp I wonder if they told the school–the article did not say but I bet they did. We can’t trust the schools anymore until changes are made. Metal detectors too. While we’re at it, we never used to have backpacks, are they really necessary I don’t think so.

  8. Dee, many good points. However, most schools don’t have lockers anymore. Backpacks are required and a part of the school supplies list that kids are expected to have for school.

  9. Christian in every sense of the word is this young man.
    God help us.

    joe good point, lockers are even more troublesome

    i could just imagine pulling my kids if they were still in school

  10. I have avoided reading about this and other school shootings. What a heartbreaking loss of a good young man. It is good to have read about him.

  11. lockers at my wifes school. 6-12, 400 kids, 6 miles from town. No problems.

    But its a CHRISTIAN school. You know, the kind that invites the one and only true GOD into the building and teaches Him too.

    Christian is a hero, a true hero. The definition of hero

  12. dee

    Just so you know, this guy was wearing a trench coat in 90 plus degree weather. Is that unusual? He shot the SRO quickly. Why? Because everyone knows who the school resource officer is. A shotgun is a LOT more effective weapon than an AR. We need to arm teacher, janitors, coaches. But they gotta be concealed.

  13. I’m a little ticked off about the backpack thing. My grandson has been carrying a backpack since 1st grade. If I bring any of his friends to or from school I need a pick up or an SUV for damn things.

  14. Teachers are mostly leftys and probably won’t want to arm themselves. But when they lose too many students they will be out of jobs. I know a foolish guy who’s been whining about how we can’t arm teachers and how he hates guns–a retired teacher.
    Christian schools are going to become very, very popular

  15. “Teachers are mostly leftys and probably won’t want to arm themselves.”
    Teachers talk like lefties to keep their jobs. You’d be shocked at how many are not. Something needs to be done and I’m just tactical enough to know if you have some ex cop open carrying the whack jobs will shoot him early in the order. Just happened. So the NRA’s plan with metal detectors, loser! Some asshole will snipe them going in. Here’s the deal, and I know what I’m speaken about, the more they try and water down the 2cnd amendment, the worse things will get. Easily statistically proven. Every mom or dad needs to be strapped dropping off or picking up. Every willing teacher needs to be armed. Concealment is paramount. But the big culprit here is the Libtards “No Gun Zone”. Obviously not. The bad guys always seem to have guns.

  16. Hey Brad, remember that “All in the Family” episode when there where a few plane hijackings taking place and Archie got interviewed on teevee saying the way to stop plane hijackings is to issue guns to all adults as they board the plane. That was great! I’m not sure having a bunch of Barney Fife’s on a plane at 35,000 feet, with trigger fingers is a good idea, but it would sure put a stop to hijackings.

  17. Joe,
    Dang I’m old.I do remember that. It was meant to be a parody, obviously. But Archie’s character was right. They just need to be sure and carry with frangible ammo.

  18. What a handsome and clear eyed kid, looks a lot like a couple of my brothers… Same age as one of them too…

    I feel sick. 🙁

  19. It starts in the home with the parents to teach their children right and wrong, real and make believe, and perhaps most importantly, what to do with “idle time”.
    Banning video games is a lot like banning beer. It will do nothing to change the outcomes. What’s next? Banning movies because they are violent, banning sports because they are dangerous? We are smarter than that here.
    I’ve said it before but it’s time for the grownups to start taking charge, bring back profiling, bring back the asylums. I don’t have a beef with mental disorders but they are the most dangerous among us. They must either be put away or put down. However it is done, they must be controlled.

  20. May the entire host of Heaven’s Angles welcome this Hero to Paradise.

    Here is a shovel ready job if there ever was one.
    Mandate EVERY school be redesigned, or move to a new one.

  21. For all those people lining up to buy the various locking gizmos for classroom doors, please pay attention to what happened here. Interior doors, windows, and walls will NOT stop most bullets. Unless you armor plate them, and imagine what that will do to the construction costs for schools.


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