Weekends Are Murder In Baltimore

The busy summer murder season may be over, but shooters in Baltimore, MD haven’t slacked their pace. This weekend there were seven shot and two fatalities to keep Baltimore’s lead in the crime statistics.
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10 Comments on Weekends Are Murder In Baltimore

  1. Thoity doity boids were sittin’ on a coib,
    choipin and a boipin and eatin’ doity woims,
    And then shots rang out,
    So the boids left town.

  2. 20+ years ago in Murdermore they tried an extremely
    watered down “Project Exile”. The full strength version used in Richmond VA worked like a charm while in “B”
    it was so political it was a useless, farcial joke.
    The Feds sent by Trump and Barr, just came back in to try it again. They claim they are working with the local politicians(big mistake) and law enforcement.
    The local politicians will try to steal it dry
    and then crash it because the President is involved.
    To them piled up bodies get waved like a bloody shirt
    but are not very important, just the money and ability
    to stay in power to steal more.
    Congressman Cummings District got 16 BILLION DOLLARS last year. That equals over $100,000.00 for every man, woman
    and child in his little kingdom.
    Where Did It All Go? Not to them.

  3. Just a nuther miserable, run-down, shot-up, burned-out, crime-ridden, rat-infested, urine-soaked, feces-friendly, certified “Shit-Hole” and minority Plantation that RATZ Incorporated carefully cultivated for over half a century for votes, federal funding and under-the-table money…. all because “they truly care”!!

  4. Can you just hear the upcoming Democrat demands that we spend more money to fix this?

    They musta lost all those basketballs that were supposed to keep tha chillren busy after midnight….

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