Wendy’s Employee Sucker Punches Frail Older Man For Complaining About Order – IOTW Report

Wendy’s Employee Sucker Punches Frail Older Man For Complaining About Order

The customer is fighting for his life after being air-lifted to the hospital.

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  1. Just as I suspected, a knee-grow punching a helpless old white man. Knee-grow was working towards being a doktor. If it isn’t an Asian getting suckered punched, it’s now old white people. Another predator behind the cash register….getting as bad as WalMart.

  2. Antion’s ACLU lawyers will undoubtedly claim their client was called a racial slur by the bigoted white guy and that words are violence.

    Shame on me. Incidents like these keep dragging me back to that study about conclusively, inherently, violent characteristics of a particular group of people — the one I can no longer find in an online search as of about the time Oblowme took office.

  3. That’s how they roll. Either a gang of them together or a one on one with a female or anyone over 70….as long as the old person isn’t watching.

  4. Goddamn motherfucking niggers… Only a fucking demon from hell would act this way, and niggers act this way all the fucking time.

  5. Honestly, I can do a better burger on a friggin trash can lid than they serve at Wendy’s anyway … I’d have no reason to go there expecting anything at all palatable.

  6. Dat mutherf**king, lily-white, cracker honky deserved it for his white privilege. This is just the beginning!

  7. How did we all know it was some young black punk who hit the guy?
    Notice he walked out with his coat?
    They probably fired him on the spot. Now he’ll sue for his job or 25 yrs of pay he’ll never earn.

  8. I went to McDonald’s on K St. in NW DC once. After I got my order, I noticed half of the employees watching me as I sat down to eat. Fearing the worst, I shoved the “food” in a trash can and walked out. Ever since, I don’t care where, I will not go into a restaurant if a certain demographic populates the staff.

  9. I’ve seen this line on other sites, and I think it’s becoming more and more clear. “We don’t have a race problem, we have a problem race.”

  10. Reverse the races and see what the reaction will be. And notice at the beginning of the news video, they were trying to find out what precipitated the beating, and what was said before the punch…as if that matters! It’s the new “words are violence” bullshit.

  11. Yep the colors are right just as I thought and I’m not Kenda homicide detective. NEVER GO WHERE YOU ARE OUT NUMBERED. I don’t have to say the rest.

  12. I almost never do drive-throughs because I want to see who’s cooking. If the crew is 100% Hotentots, I just walk right out.

  13. If I had been an eye witness my statement would be: “yes officer, I feared for my life and the lives of everyone else here”. (You get my drift)

  14. These are just foot soldiers or pets as it were for another demographic group. When SHTF remember to repay these barbarians and their handlers with extreme prejudice. This happens every day, just not on camera.

  15. Dave Thomas is rolling in his grave.
    Wendy’s use to be the best of all fast food joints.
    I haven’t done ANY fast food in years. They all have commercials that tell me they don’t want my business. If their ads have white people in them at all, they’re portrayed as goofballs & fartknockers.


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