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What the Heck is This Chiropractic Move?

I’m not so sure I’d let this happen.

It looks like a supine lynching.

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  1. As soon as the quack er I mean super smahrt medacal professiaol grabed the feet and showed SAHZAM, one is longer than the other I knew we had a Winner!

    I guess the reason why every two bit miracle healer goes to the “one leg is longer than the other” bit to impress is that people believe what they think they see, or want to see anyway.

    MSG Grumpy

  2. First adjustment is anterior thoracic, standing adjustment is for inferior subluxated rib, traction device around neck is a cervical quick stretch (usually done with a rolled towel).

    When one side of the pelvis is is stuck posterior to the other side that leg will ALWAYS be shorter when examined, it’s simple mechanics.

    Yep, at one time I studied to become a Chiropractor, which requires (or did) more hours of anatomy and physiology than becoming and MD. It just didn’t pay enough for me to switch careers (Vinyl chemist). To this day I get weird looks when I tell people the only big game animal I ever skinned and gutted was a human. . . cadaver).

    I will ALWAYS go to a chiropractor first, and second for anything musculoskeletal. There is a reason why their malpractice insurance costs less than any other medical professional.

  3. “He said my legs were 2 different lengths and he can fix it by opening my head like a PEZ dispenser. I said good idea, go for it! And that’s how I ended up in this wheelchair.”

  4. Totally agree JustAl – I have gone to chiropractors for over 25 years, when needed, and generally have had great results.
    I soured on my first chiropractor after many years, and a friend recommended a unique type called a ‘directional non-force’ chiropractor. Her methods seem odd, drawing her finger across my back and checking my feet over and over, but her fix is not a sudden twist but a simple push of the vertebra or other bone back into position. And the results are immediate. When I was in a car accident 5 years ago and ended up in the ER she was my second phone call when I left the hospital and saw me the next day.
    I am always skeptical, especially when it comes to my physical health. But when something works I appreciate it. I recommend my chiropractor all the time.

  5. It’s all just a matter of geometry.
    If you lean forward, as you get older, the nerves get pinched due to the cushions between the vertebrae getting thinner.
    Same goes for leaning back and leaning sideways.
    A good chiropractor has the same “good eye” as a carpenter in that they naturally can see if someone is off level.


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