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What the Hell?

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  1. Mr Kakalogical always reminds we of the first Thanksgiving we spent with my family. He was tickled by my mom who set down a plate with the canned cranberry sauce, still in the shape of the can.
    He thought it was a joke. He’d never seen that presentation before. I tried to explain that the ribs from the can are great for cutting a slice of cranberry sauce.
    Anyway, I’ve made my cranberry sauce ever since that Thanksgiving.
    Regardless, that commercial was just plain dumb.

  2. I saw Lynch’s Mulholland Drive when it came out in 2001, and realized his deal. And had no interest in watching anything of his since. He creates an alternate universe, and he knows all the rules but you don’t. So bizarre things happen, but they make sense if you know the rules. But you don’t, because he didn’t tell you. That’s it.
    Also, Eraserhead is extremely messed up. Once was one time too many.

  3. Left Coast Dan, I had to fast forward some Twin Peaks Lynch shit. I get the point without watching two dudes stare at one another for 9 minutes. Or that other shit that went on, and on, and on… wtf?

  4. I feel like Dougie most of the time. Except I don’t win jackpots and talk to midgets and dead women in reverse tape. Except he isn’t Dougie.

  5. LCD, Erik,

    I got big time into Twin Peaks back in the day. And ultimately was left extremely disappointed and let down for reason LCD lists. He does know all the rules,and you don’t. And that still doesn’t stop him from changing them at the last Minute/episode just in case you’ve figured out is shit. Ultimately his failure not the audiences. I was kinda hoping he’d realize that and slit his wrists. Having said that, Film Noir like no other. Extremely well shot. To bad the guy in charge was a total moron.

  6. I just put the 8AN hoses on the Beetle, today. What a fucking mess. I figured it for a hour job. I was out there until the sun went down. Ach!

    Fucking BOWLSHIT! In the old days I had no problems with header wrap. These days…

  7. That Cranberry Jelly is PURE SHIT!

    I just bought 2 cans of the Ocean Spray Whole Canberries which are MUCH BETTER. VERY GOOD in Fact.

    2 products, same company, same price, ONE IS SHIT.

  8. Erik

    To funny. I’m currently looking for a 68 or 69 Dart rolling chassis. Gonna relive my corrupt childhood and stuff a 340 with a big ass roller and W2 heads in it.
    I may need your help. Just for the fucking laughs. I think we’d have a great time.

  9. B C Gordon Cole,

    Sorry Madamme.

    Am I the only one who upset you or are you upset with some of the others as well?

    Cheers, Have a Luke warm Soy Milk Decaf Frappuccino.

  10. Kcir, I’m sorry you didn’t get the Lynch joke. Lynch played Gordon Cole in the series, who was hard of hearing. It was a bit of a running gag that he misheard place names and thought he was being cussed out.

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