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  1. Rush, God bless him, did these “montages” first, exposing the mockingbirds. They were infuriating and laughable at the same time. Now, they’re just infuriating.

    But Biden saying “Rudy Gialny”, in a debate with Trump, that is still laughable 81,000,000 times.

  2. Favorite movie line of all time now being used to explain the response:

    “Let them eat static,” from Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan…

    Our Republicans will give them static…

  3. I used to wonder if they were really that stupid, or if they were really that evil.

    Then I decided it doesn’t really matter, they should hang for treason regardless because we’re better off without them either way.

  4. And now Matt Taibbi, the guy at the very end who said, “…now we know that Russian disinformation, foreign disinformation, or campaign disinformation is just as dangerous to Our Democracy as anything in those emails…” is all over Twitter, breathlessly tweeting about how horrible Twitter was to suppress those same emails.

    I’d like to think that his eyes have been opened to the awful truth, but I have to believe that he knew exactly what was happening, and now he’s just getting in front of the parade, hoping you won’t remember when he was way back there with a pooper-scooper.

  5. The last clip was “disinformation is as damaging to our democracy as anything exposed in those emails.” Although this is a completely idiotic statement, it is a slightly more honest media assertion because it is an implicit admission that the Hunter laptop was legitimate, but Americans should still believe the bought and paid for media anyway. On the other hand, the actual owner of the laptop – Hunter Biden – doesn’t even believe the media hacks because he has no problem admitting the laptop was his and he was completely capable of abandoning it at a repair shop. Further, whether the stuff on the laptop has the “hallmarks of Russian information” is not the issue – the issue is whether or not the information is legitimate. The Hawaiian eruptions have all the hallmarks of active volcano activity, but the issue is actually whether or not the lava flowing down the mountains will cause damage, injury or death.

    I expect politicians to lie, but never thought it was the media that needed to be continually fact checked.

  6. It isn’t political anymore. Evil exists in both Republican and Demonrats.
    We just have to be on the right side of history when the Final battle comes….Oh and it IS coming.

  7. Welcome to the New Communism of the 21st Century!
    – Where NBCABCCBSNPRMSNBCCNN and a host of others represent the Complicit, Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media who employ too many “talking heads” and possess all the originality of a plagiarist!
    Christiane Amanpour – I want to throw up whenever I see her (which is rare as I don’t watch whutever network she happens to be on) is the classic example of a stuck-up NPR-type Liberal who suckers the public in with her erudite English accent… and when she wants you to know that she’s really serious, she puts on a pair of designer glasses.
    All image, no substance… like selling Japanese cars with an English accent!

  8. NBC. Nothing But Commies

    All these liars did the bidding of the Democrats to sabotage an election.

    They should all be arrested and put in the jails that the J6 people are sitting in. Without their complicit help in swinging this election, J6 might never have happened.

  9. Every step taken is a step closer to a catastrophic collision. Perhaps the mistake we make is to think there are only two sides to this conflict. I see a “mad max” future repeat with war lords and a 30% population reduction in the best case scenario.

    Gold, silver and lead and Hoppe’s #9

  10. The Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column.
    Has been for a century.
    They need to be eradicated before this country can BEGIN to turn around.

    Josef Goebbels wasn’t as effective as the Biden (Nihilistic Totalitarian) Sycophancy.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. @ThirdTwin
    I understand all you said, completely.
    However, I think you are misidentyfied Taibbi

    I didn’t see him in any of those clips
    I do not know how he looks today
    He was a regular back in the Pol Inc BMaher days.
    He was a Rolling Stone writer IIR
    And didn’t like Bush very much
    I think Obama Deep State Corruption opened his eyes.
    Biden Crime Family Networking forced them to stay open.
    I welcome his Truth Telling.

    Thanks TT
    Sup All


    Where were McCarthy, McCONnell and Rona McDaniel during this democrat misinformation Campaign? CRICKETS !
    Leaders of the GOP? Not even in the slightest.

  13. It doesn’t matter, because just like GOP scratching their head months and years after a stolen election, the democrats have done the damage and moved onto the next thing.

    It doesn’t matter they were wrong about the laptop, the fake media suppressed it long enough to come up with another smear, J6. Let the bombs drop about the laptop, nothing will be done. In due time the bombs will drop over J6 and evidence will come out incriminating Nancy more than the trespassers of J6, right after another democrat led scandal breaks, but again nothing will be done, no one will be punished except for, yet again, the innocent. Then COVID and Fauci, and on, and on… Leapfrogging one scandal after another with democrats, for the benefit of democrats. This is why the GOP sucks, they refuse to act on relevant timely information. Just a few words at the time and no action until it’s too late. Meanwhile those who try to spread the truth at the time are conspiracy nuts and anything they try to do or say will be suppressed.

    Not only was Joe wrongly elected, he should have been impeached every month during is fake presidency, but it won’t become mainstream news or GOP action until he’s gone and another fake scandal-ridden goon takes his place.

  14. Erik — Over the past six months or so, I’ve been locked out of IOTWReport at various times, and sometimes for long durations. When that happens, I can’t comment. I check periodically, though, and then suddenly my comments are posted. Could be the case with Billy and VietVet, too.

  15. ^ Happens all the time. I’ve got a comment in at the moment with two HTML references that won’t post immediately. But someone must clear the “stuck queue” occasionally because they eventually show up.

  16. I watch that video and I hear Another One Bites The Dust playing with clips of Khrushchez banging his shoe to the beat mixed in.

  17. Like good behavior, keep doing this exposing because you should, but don’t expect results, you’ll just get resentful.

  18. The Crypto thing should carry criminal penalties. Seems like it’s being swept under the rug. Are the powers to be covering up one bombshell with another? What will the final out come of all this be? I’m thinking lots of TV coverage, gavel pounding, law suits that get dismissed and the one constant is we continue to lose our freedoms under Democrat control. Unless we get a legit electoral process back we stand no chance. And there’s no desire to do that.

  19. I had a job once where I interviewed students 16-24 year olds) to find out if they qualified for a government program. One of the questions I would ask was if they have a criminal record, unpaid fines or if they had current warrants. When they responded with, “Not that I know of,” I knew, as sure as shit sticks to a blanket, that they had at least one of the three, if not all. Blatant liers think people are stupid.

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