What You See Says A Lot About You



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  1. I see a couple making whoopee in an unusual position.

    Me = incurable romantic

    I’ll call the aquarium and the them to activate the “dolphin safe space.”

  2. Joe6Pak is right. The picture is the light colored places, the bottle and the ‘dolphins’ are the background. Hooey.

  3. I see a woman enjoying the ardent attention of a man who cherishes his woman. There is shared joy and passion. This is a good thing.

  4. Guy goes to a psychiatrist because he keeps thinking about women all day at work, and can’t concentrate on his job.

    Psychiatrist pulls out a set of Rorshach ink blots and says, “Let’s see what we can find out.” Handing the guy the first ink blot, he asks, “What do you see?”

    Guy turns the card over a couple of times and says, “It’s a naked man and woman in bed having sex.”

    Psychiatrist says “Hmmm”, hands the guy another card and again asks, “What do you see?”

    Guy peers intently at the ink blot and says, “It’s a naked man and woman in bed having sex.”


    Psychiatrist hands the guy a third card and asks him what he sees.

    Again, the guy tells him he sees a naked couple in bed having sex.

    Psychiatrist sits back in his chair and says, “Well, your problem is obvious. You’re obsessed with sex.”

    The guy says, “Hey, Doc – don’t blame me. You’re the one with all the dirty pictures!”

  5. If the first thing you see are Dolphins chances are we wouldn’t get along well. Just a thought, but I’m probably right.

  6. I couldn’t even figure out the batman logo until somebody told me what it was.

    I think there is some sort of flag there.

  7. @joe6pak got it with his “bullshit” comment. It is a badly executed figure/ground illusion. The fun couple are completely defined by the dark areas, but the dark areas include not only the dolphins but also amorphous blobs with no form. Your brain sees the better defined light figure against the uniform dark ground before it might see the dark figures against the ambiguous light ground.

    So: Phooey.

    The “count the squares” and “how many threes” were more interesting to me. The “count the dots” would have been but I have seen it many times.

  8. So, an innocent child would see dolphins right? And yet society wants to pervert the mind of that child with condoms in the first grade, co-ed bath rooms and sex changes on third graders. Yea, I’m a the one with problems.

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