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What an idiot


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  1. That’s a used Jimmy Deans suasage breakfast bowl, I have one every morning and make a breakfast burrito with mango salsa. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day! Or it could be a very small clown hat missing the daisy, at this pint, what does it matter anyway? He’s still an U83r D3rp, always has been always will be! M3h! What a putz.

  2. Most jooz are so principle-deficient and brain washed they’d vote for his gawd awful, devil idolizing, butt ugly, mean as hell, corrupt the core, pathological lying, 10 Commandment dissing, bisexual house mate, even after watching them schmoozing it up with muslims as muslims march jooz into the ovens. Do not know why I pray so hard for God’s Chosen People. She makes the mafia look like harmless amateurs.

  3. It looks like a tittie pad that one puts into their bra to make their boob look bigger. I’d say, Clinton’s boobie head looks bigger with that tittie pad on his head. I’m really tired of being embarrassed.

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