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Whattaya know? Democrats don’t like voter fraud after all.

Patriot Retort- Hang on to your hats, folks. Because I have a news story for you that will make your head spin like a top.

Believe it or not, I actually found an example of Democrats getting angry over voter fraud.


A few weeks ago I told you about the unfolding drama here in Central New York between local Democrat officials and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

See, the DCCC decided to plow over local Democrats and push a far-Left progressive candidate to run in November.

I told you all about it in my column The Return of NY’s Little Climber: Juanita Perez Williams.

But I’ll give you a little recap.

See, the local Democrat Party in NY-24 selected SU professor Dana Balter to challenge Republican Congressman John Katko in November.

But the DCCC decided to stick its Nosy Parker nose into this district and push failed Syracuse mayoral candidate Juanita Perez Williams instead.

All Williams had to do was gather 1,250 signatures on petitions to force a Democrat primary in June.

Well, Juanita succeeded.

She and her people garnered more than 3,200 signatures.

But there’s a teeny problem.

Those petitions include a boatload of invalid signatures.

Shocker, I know — a Democrat committing fraud. Who’da thunk it?!

But here’s the twist.

4 Comments on Whattaya know? Democrats don’t like voter fraud after all.

  1. ya know … I’m getting a little tired of the Jiffy Pop … just a little

    … but, ‘I ain’t no way’s tarred’ of WINNING!!!

  2. Maybe if Juanita REALLY wants to get somewhere in Democrat politics, she should move to california and blow Willie Brown. It worked for Kamela Harris!

  3. One case of Dems objecting to voter fraud is the anomaly, not the norm. I still affectionately remember the fraud committed for MO Rep John Rizzo. In the Dem primary, which he won by 1 vote, his Aunt and Uncle pleaded guilty to voter fraud for voting in their nephews district when they did not live in the same city.


    His opponent, Will Royster sued, demanding a new election but the court denied his request saying Royster did not demonstrate the “irregularities” in the vote changed the election results. Again, two voters plead guilty to voter fraud for illegally voting in their nephew’s district, and their nephew won by 1 vote.

  4. Only when it affects them. Then they freak.


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