In Keeping With Today’s Theme —-> Leftists Repeating Lies Hoping It Will Come True —> The Southern Strategy!! – IOTW Report

In Keeping With Today’s Theme —-> Leftists Repeating Lies Hoping It Will Come True —> The Southern Strategy!!

Kanye West seems to have been awakened to the fact the KKK were democrats, and the modern democrat treats blacks as if they are chattel, with any movement towards the plantation border met with ugly disgusting resistance.

He’s still tweeting that the left are the ones interested in keeping blacks in shackles. It’s obvious in their apoplectic reaction to his tweets.

Today he tweeted a reminder that Lincoln was a republican and democrats protected the rights of white slave holders.

The left reacted swiftly and idiotically, bleating immediately the thoroughly debunked myth THE SOUTHERN STRATEGY, which theorizes that the “parties switched” after the passage of civil rights in 1964.

Carol Swain, a black historian from Vanderbilt University, rips this theory to shreds.

My favorite part, which destroys the left’s assertion that the south is dominated by republican victories because they are all racists, is when Swain explains that a white democrat cannot beat a black conservative in the south- see Tim Scott- so who and where are the racists?


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  1. I wish them good luck- No campaign direction except Higher Taxes, More Regulations, platform constipation, resistance, more illegal aliens, lower paying jobs, if any at all.

  2. I can support Kanye on this without being a fan. I hope he gets all kinds of attention. However, he also came out saying he considers that shaved headed, lesbian looking girl from Parkland a hero of his. He is probably having a hard time reconciling his political beliefs with those of his community.

  3. BFH, much of what your recent posts regarding this is currently referred to as gaslighting. The term comes from the old 1944 film, Gaslight (, and was then used as a term by psychologists mainly to describe manipulative, sociopath, and/or narcissistic abuse mostly by men on women as a form of abuse and control. Here are some key elements that psychiatrists abscribe to gaslighting:

    1. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth. Regarding the media. I think is BFH’s main point in his posts.
    2. The gaslighter wants the target around on a specific set of terms, with the gaslighter is in charge. The MSM wants to remain in charge of the narrative.
    3. It “works” in part because it feeds off sexist/racial stereotypes of women and minorities as wronged, oppressed, and forgotten. They desire a vikllian for their failures and the gaslighter is providing it or telling them who is attacking them. Hint…It isn’t the gaslighter.

    4. Once you question the gaslighter, any argument you may have is casually written off. When credibility is undermined—you’re crazy, a liar, unstable, a failure, or have lost your mind—anything you say is automatically suspect and builds the case against you. Therefore, you can’t disagree or protest. And the louder your objections, the more your gaslighter can smile smugly and say, “See, I told you so.”

    5. Gaslighters need the world to conform to their standards. And they need the very individuals they gaslight to agree with them. That is the ultimate goal.

  4. Also, I think it good to point out that when Saul Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals”, he didn’t just push those ideas out of his butt. Gaslighting, although it may be not as known by that term then, and other pathologies of manipulation were studied by him in the making of his work.

  5. BTW, Carol Swain is running for mayor in Nashville. I don’t live in Davidson Co., but GO CAROL!


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