Wheaton College Professor Will Wear Hijab During Her Advent Worship Because Allah is the Same as Her Christian God

Larycia Alaine Hawkins, an associate professor at evangelical Christian Wheaton College, Illinois, has vowed to wear a hijab over the holidays as part of her Advent Worship

Larycia Alaine Hawkins, a professor at a Christian college, who has vowed to wear a hijab over the holidays

Explaining her decision, Hawkins said it is her Christian duty to love her fellow human beings, adding that Muslims and Christians 'worship the same God' - a declaration she quoted from Pope Francis
Other bint lemmings are following suit and showing their pics on Twitter.
Hawkins's post was liked dozens of times, while other women agreed to join in with her gesture of solidarity (pictured)
These dopes would be showing pics of their NAZI salute if it was 1938 and we had Twitter.

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  1. I am so tired of this. She should really think about standing in solidarity with the murdered christian innocents in africa and around the world.


    We received a letter from an orphanage in Kenya for Christian children our church had helped in the past. They need funds to build a security wall around their small compound/village as ISIL is coming for the children. It is going to be quite a wall but it won’t help in the end and we will never hear about it. These are the refugees the Catholic Church should be bringing to America. 82 kids without parents who have been targeted solely for their religion.

  2. This is liable to get her killed. Not by any Christian you understand, but by some Islamic crazy who sees this as an insult to Allah who they consider the only true god. It’s unbelievable that the school administration would allow this. Of course if the unthinkable happens the lefty progs will blame it on the NRA and those pesky Christians.

  3. Love is a two way street. What’s she get in return that would support her love of Muslims? What makes her love them currently other than a mental illness?

  4. My grandma wore those all the time. She called it a scarf, she wore them a lot on particularly windy days so maybe windy days were mooslem holidays.

    Also she was pretty careful about wearing a scarf the first few week after her “perm”. As a matter of fact all her friends wore them too. Freaky, if you ask me, to find out 45 years later your grandma was a mooslem. She sure had all those Catholics fooled.

    But it must have helped to quiet the mooslem population because I cannot remember even the slightest bit of anger from the mooslem population in S Dakota. Peace, love and scarves that is what Christmas is about I guess.

  5. Some call him Allah, some call him Old Scratch. His real name is Satan, but to keep dyslexics from calling him Santa, we just call him Lucifer.

    Piss Be Upon Him. 👿

  6. The white woman better lose the tight clothes and get her black tarp on before any muzz men stone her to death as a harlot.

  7. “These dopes would be showing pics of their NAZI salute if it was 1938 and we had Twitter.”

    The progressive movement was absolutely in love with the National Socialists and worshipped Hitler starting as they rose in stature and consolidated their power and that continued right up to the point of operation Barbarossa.

  8. “worship the same God”?? She is out of her mind! It is this kind of inability to think clearly that has us in trouble. And she is a college level professor?

  9. As far as I can tell, one mosque has been fire-bombed and NO Muslims have been killed in retaliation for San Bernardino,

    Not much of a backlash.

  10. That’s because the mooslimes had been beaten back along with Hitler and the other commies in WWII. It’s just taken them this long to come back.

  11. It is very predictable although many doubt it. Bare in mind that we have seen several attempts at creating a single/master race in very recent history. Thank you Adolf…

    There are many things happening that point to the single world government and indistinguishable people that have no separate identities. No borders, no distinct national identity, no distinct loyalty, no differing appearances.

    The flooding of the “browns” and moslime filth into these countries is inexplicable by any sane persons reasoning. Except that it is intended to meld the brown dogs into their population. The future of human beings will be crossbred dogs. Sad.

    There have been too many signs by this pope that have been convincing evidence that the Catholic Church, that they have on the run, has cut bait and recognizes it has already been defeated by islime. They are saving their asses and embracing islime ever so gently in ways that are stunning to faithful Catholics. Making statements and warming to their dirty leaders and recognizing them as legitimate. You will see the church capitulate and join islime eventually. I have no doubt. This dodo bird bimbo is just another example of the poisoned mind that will lead to this end.

  12. “Get your kids out of Wheaton”, that’s akin to leave the Republican party because of Lindsey Graham.

    Trust me, Wheaton College has a faculty and student body that will only grow stronger in knowledge and faith from this display of idiocy.

  13. What I’m wondering, is she going down this road of saying Allah and YHWH are the same entity only because (supposedly) pope Karl says they are the same entity?

    This is screwed up. You have to look at WHO says Allah = YHWH and why.

  14. Many women in European countries still wear scarves, but they are MUCH, MUCH smaller – just to hold the hair in place. TLook at pictures of them working in the fields or even washing it’s part of working in the fields….they NEVER were/are a sign of religious subjection! The women covered by the mulim scarf can NEVER WORK in the fields with that headcover!!!

  15. “I am Allah … bend over … and bend your pre-pubescent son and daughter over, too … and the goat … don’t forget the goat …”

  16. ◄ 2 Corinthians 6:14, NIV
    “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”
    The Word of The True and Living God has no meaning for apostates. They make up religious crap as they skip to their doom down the dhimmi brick road.

  17. They are called babushkas. That is what my grandma and aunts called them. They still wear them. Not hard to tell the difference.

  18. Trust me when I tell you, she really doesn’t give a shit about those Christians that have been martyred around the globe as it’s not PC.

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