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When You Lose the Leftist on Covid Policy…

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  1. All it did for me was to double and triple down. If my doctor is convinced it’s not a good thing (admitted to me sheepishly), then there is some hope for the educated stupid. Hospital won’t be pleased with his stance. He gave up his private practice for financial safety. Now he has a corporation to answer to. Hospital has a big ass new building that they don’t have the funds to pay for or finish. So, the grass wasn’t greener for my doctor, and he’s sorry he’s triple jabbed.

    On another note, Jared Kushner, Trumps liberal Orothodox Jew SIL, has thyroid cancer. He’s definitely been jabbed, probably the first to step up to the plate. Lots of cancers showing up…just as predicted. Never be the first in line on a maybe.

  2. “That didn’t seem to be wise to me”, and yet you fell into line with nary a peep or pushback, you and your ilk willingly trade your liberty for the false empty promise of security.

    “We turned into tribal angry vengeful people”, no, that was your side. We just wanted to be left alone and exercise autonomy over our own medical decisions, but it was you guys that got us fired, closed our businesses, and booted us out of schools and the military because we would not comply.

    If Robbins possesses even a shred of discernment or insight he would value his freedom more and incorporate a healthy dose of skepticism regarding anything those in authority espouse. We knew lockdowns were a terrible idea with long-lasting consequences, why didn’t you?

  3. If you watch carefully you can see the truth coming out gradually.
    Those who were duped will realize they were wronged.
    Those that fell in line and became the “covid brownshirts” will seek forgiveness. Those that helped orchestrate it will seek amnesty.
    Don’t give either.

  4. Who you talking about Willis? It sure as fuck wasn’t me telling my friends to stay away from me because they were vaxxed. Or stay in your house so you aren’t spreading the vax cells. Or blaming the unvaxxed for the pandemic.

    It was scum like you that tried to make me an outcast, closed select businesses and mandated masking. The government is still pushing this shit even to children & babies.

    I just learned a very good friend has incurable cancer. Was diagnosed with it 2 months after his last vax shot. This crap is literally killing millions and they still are dancing around it like, no harm, no foul. Fuck them.

  5. “We” “Us” “Our” ~ T. Robbins

    Not so very difficult to figure out which side of the war for freedom he was on, yet — at least in the video part of that conversation — he never comes close to apologizing for his own significant part in causing the harm he now so haltingly admits. Sorta like he’s carefully stepping around his own poo on the sidewalk.

  6. …reading the comments to this Twitter post gives no encouragement that leftists get it. Overwhelmingly, it will become “We did the best we could at the time with the information that we had.” Some are so indoctrinated they still believe those who resisted the covid response acted from the selfish belief in personal sovereignty (Evil), while they were sacrificing their personal desires for the collective (Good).

  7. The COVID Scamdemic has deep roots going back to Obozocare.

    Unless Gubermint controlled the healthcare narrative completely, they couldn’t have pulled off their MASS MURDER and imprisonment of Mankind (remember travel bans, halting the WORLD’s Economy, threatening worker’s livelihood).

    Damn them all to Hell, starting with Nancy of Satan who enacted Bills that no one had a “right” to read until they were Law.


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