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Women Do Not Understand Men

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  1. well, BRENDA, for one thing this isn’t going to wash itself and for another, it’s mine and I can wash it as long and as fast as I want. now let’s talk about how long it takes you to do your hair and put your war paint on,is that a trowel you use for the foundation?

  2. Women understand men, you can believe that. They hate not having control over them and they definitely know that Pssy is a powerful weapon to use against men so when the man finds another alternative women feel they have no control anymore therefore the only thing they can do is spit out vile crude mean things to break them down. I have seen it all my 74 year old life as a female that worshipped my husband and I let him be the man of the house happily. Uh-Oh , here comes the hate comments. lololol

  3. ms v, I agree with you 100%. The feminist movement (they hate men because they want to be men but can’t) has done so much harm in our society.

    If only people would read the Bible for God’s instructions on how to be the best man or woman. But after God’s punishment meted out to Adam and Eve for their sin, the curse he gave women is seen in almost every relationship today.

    The woman: Genesis 3:16
    “I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing;
        in pain you shall bring forth children.
    Your desire shall be contrary to your husband,
        but he shall rule over you.”

  4. Dear ms v, I’m sorry but no woman has ever really understood men. You are like a stone age tribe that has happened upon a car. Once you figure out that opening the door turns on the dome light, you think you know what the car is all about. At the least, men understand they will never really understand women.

  5. A whole hour?
    What a waste of energy.
    Wanna cut it short? Go to the water heater and shut off the hot/outlet valve (often with a red handle). After the screams he (or she) will come out in a jiffy.
    It doesn’t scold them – it stops the hot water flow.
    You can also gradually shut it off (over a minute) so they think they just used up the available hot water.

  6. Well, my sweet wife can spend three minutes in the shower, and come out smelling like a rose. It takes me longer than that just to wash my gruesome face. I wash my hair (what is left of it) daily. And with modern low-flow shower heads it takes bloody forever to rinse off everything. I think I just thought of a great idea: The body squeegee! That might speed things up.

  7. @Elam
    Pull off the shower head and check to see if there is a restrictor screen in the inlet. Many can be simply pulled out and the flow increases dramatically.
    (change xxxxx to https and copy into your browser search window)

  8. In California we’re only allowed one drop of water a day to shower, wash clothes, do the dishes and flush the toilet. The politicians luxuriate under private waterfalls and pools after playing golf with 18 water hazards.

  9. Anymouse
    DECEMBER 27, 2022 AT 12:32 PM
    “I’ve heard it said that less than once a day is neglect and more than three is abuse.

    Often listen to myself. To be sure I know it’s me talking cause I recognize my voice.”

    “For I was talking to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to.”
    J.R.R. Tolkien, “The Two Towers”

  10. Most men aren’t complicated. As long as their creature comforts are met – food, sleep, sex, a woman who shares their dreams, time for themselves -(“hours” in the bathroom for ex.) and having a job or hobby they love.

    Things get complicated with marriage and children. Men are then hit with multitasking family life, which a help mate, a woman is expert at as long as she doesn’t obcessed with being in control – “ay, there’s the rub”.

  11. ^^^^^^Bingo
    I’ve been getting lots of laughs out of this thread today. 99th’s got it right. I recognized early on, to my amazement, there’s things my wife’s much better at that I. Run with it, I’m going to the gym. My wife and I are not in competition. And I don’t take long showers. Don’t need to. Unless my lower back is jacked.


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