Where Is Justice?

Someone sent me this video because the speaker has some interesting thoughts about President Trump and the 2020 election. Although it states that it’s a “Prophetic Word for Donald Trump”, it’s not the fortune-telling kind of prophetic talk that you expect to hear when thinking about what that word connotes.

As I started watching this video, it wasn’t until about 4:30 when he started talking about governmental justice and the church’s role in our nation, that I started to really pay attention.

The idea of Justice has been on my mind for years. We need Justice for all of us that had to live through Obama, Hillary, their criminal enterprises and fellow criminals. Justice for all the unborn children murdered. Justice for people who have had their lives destroyed because of the intolerance of the ‘tolerant’ left. Justice for all the freedoms stolen that are protected in our Constitution. Where is the Justice?

Justice delayed is Justice denied. We need to see indictments, handcuffs and perp walks. Many of us don’t know how much more we can take.

This pastor talks about what President Trump should be making as his priority. He says that President Trump has been called of God to be an agent of Justice. He needs to reform the judicial system. Justice should be his legacy.

He made some very good points throughout the whole talk. Notice what he says about the SJWs.

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  1. He’s only 2 1/2 years in, by golly. And tonight when he was speaking from South Korea, he made a pointed remark about “never being in a hurry” because “that’s when you get into trouble.” I was struck by the deliberate language he used. In this case he was talking about negotiations with China, but he stated it as though that is one of his guiding principles.

    MJA, one of the things that I think most of us struggle with is being patient with God. When we experience woe in our lives we want it to stop NOW! And when it doesn’t, we often think God isn’t listening to our pain and our faith flags.

    So many times — especially as I’ve gotten older — I now understand God’s perfect timing. It is perfect and we usually can’t see it except in hindsight. I have faith that justice will come, but it will be a slow process and very frustrating. But I believe we can all rest easy in the sure knowledge that this is God’s fight for a faithful people. The Bible tells us over and over again to put our faith in Him and to fear not. It tells us over and over again that the truth can not be hidden forever. The truth will out. I believe that.

  2. ‘Justice’? … there is no ‘Justice’ in the US system of jurisprudence … hasn’t been since Marbury vs. Madison (judicial usurpation … clearly as bad as executive or legislative overreach)
    we have a system of creative flexibility within the framework of a ‘legal standard’ derived from a group of privileged, appointed by our so-called better members of society which deem it justified

    you got money? … you have ‘justice’

    question: why is the court the final arbiter when the system built by the Founders was supposed to be a co-equal triumvirate?

  3. I’ve listened to this pastor for 3 yrs. now and watched this video twice – it’s really good. He is very attuned to the current United States political situation and has an accurate assessment, even though he’s from Australia. Agreed, he is one of very few pastors who knows real justice is God ordained, not meted out by fascist Antifa brown shirts and their progressive and communist enablers.

  4. I like so many others are perplexed by the nonsensical and distorted thinking on the left. When you examine their positions you’ll quickly see that there’s no common ground that can be reached because their positions are evil and harmful to their fellow americans.
    It only makes any sense when you view it through biblical teachings, something that I’ve neglected to do most of the time while trying to understand.

  5. From his website:

    “If not, and you would like to receive His forgiveness and start a new life in Christ, you can prayer this prayer right now:

    “Dear Lord Jesus, I ask You to come into my life and forgive me of all my sins. I confess my sins before You this day. Your Word promises if I confess with my mouth that ‘Jesus is Lord’ and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead, I will be saved (Romans 10:9). I confess Jesus is the Lord of my life. I believe He rose again from the dead. Therefore I am saved. Thank You for making me a child of God and writing my name in the Book of Life. Use me as your disciple from this day forward, in the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.”

    That is the very common evangelical mixed gospel of works – doing several things to be saved instead of just believing the facts of what He did about our sins, as Paul taught us to do.

    His testimony says only “I met Jesus.” Does not say what gospel he believed but assuming it’s the above, he’s lost and he’s a false teacher per Galatians 1:8-9.

  6. @grool

    Isn’t “just believing the facts of what He did about our sins…” the same as “believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead”? Isn’t that the same as believing the reasons for Jesus’ death, burial and bodily resurrection?

    Aren’t you commanded as a Christian to “confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord” (sharing the gospel)?

    If you “do” those two things, you will be saved, or is the writer of Romans wrong?

    Do you ask God to forgive you according to 1 John 1:9?

  7. 1harpazo, very good questions you asked, they deserve honest answers but I will have to respond when I get home this afternoon, heading into church now.

  8. 1harpazo, back home.

    “1. Isn’t “just believing the facts of what He did about our sins…” the same as “believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead”?”

    No, not if the Bible is taken literally and in historical context, which is THE key to right doctrine and being an approved workman.

    The saving content of the gospel of grace (the secret gospel first revealed by Christ to Paul) is that He died for the sins of the world and was raised again for the justification of all who believe, Jew or Gentile alike.

    Conversely, notice how Peter preached that Christ rose from the dead at Pentecost…not that He died for the sins of the world (as he was addressing only Jews) and rose for the justification of all — it was a murder indictment because they’d killed their Messiah. Stephen made basically the same point later before they murdered him too. So what did Peter say? He demanded the Jews repent of their unbelief and confess Jesus as their Messiah, not that Christ had died for the sins of Jew and Gentile alike. That good news came much later, and only through Paul.

    “Isn’t that the same as believing the reasons for Jesus’ death, burial and bodily resurrection?”

    Only if one back-fills it into earlier Scriptures certain facts were still a secret hid in God, facts which no one at the time knew anything about. To do so does violence to the word of God but is very, very common.

    Fact: NO ONE BEFORE PAUL knew that Christ had died for the sins of the entire world, Jew and Gentile alike.

    “Aren’t you commanded as a Christian to “confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord” (sharing the gospel)?”

    No. That would make confession with the mouth a condition of salvation. That would make confession a work, even though works for salvation are repeatedly excluded by Paul. It helps to remember that the context of Romans ch. 9-11 is the whole question of Israel’s blindness and unbelief and whether God had given up on Israel forever (short answer: no).

    “If you “do” those two things, you will be saved, or is the writer of Romans wrong?”

    Salvation under grace expressly forbids and excludes all work, even (especially) work of the Law. It is by faith alone in Christ alone, in what HE did, not what we do in response.

    “Do you ask God to forgive you according to 1 John 1:9?”

    No. John was talking to the circumcision believers (Galatians 2:2-9). To pracitce 1 Jn 1:9 literally would be to create a unsolvable contradiction in the Bible, and make God a liar: you can’t have to confess each and every sin one by one (as John said) else they’re not forgiven, AND also have been forgiven ALL sins (Colossians 2:13) thus beyond all condemnation (Romans 8:1). Is that excuse or license to sin? God forbid. But one can’t have sins conditionally forgiven (1 Jn 1:9) and unconditionally forgiven (Col 2:13) at the same time. Answer: the two passages are addressing two different groups operating under two different systems from God, so the doctrines cannot be mixed.

    Put it this way: all the Bible is FOR your learning, but not all the Bible is written TO you nor is it all ABOUT you – thus not all the Bible is for your application.

    To know what’s what and be an approved workman, all you have to do is know who wrote to whom.

    What John wrote is not about you because he wrote to saved Jews. So did James and Peter.

    What Paul wrote is to and about you, because you’re a Gentile under grace.

  9. Here’s a sober thought; since the demise of the US believed prophecized in the Bible, or at the very least not a superpower anymore, maybe the coming to power of the sodomites, the atheists, the socialists and the greenies are all part of God’s blueprint for the culmination of the end times, a period which the US is not a player.


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