Masterclass: Pooping

About as invaluable as the other youtube masterclass series episodes.

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  1. That really elevated the culture. This generation never fails to disappoint when they get a chance.

  2. Indian build small haunted house; have fun.
    White man build big haunted house; shit’em pants

    That’s all I have for this post.

  3. Like watching democrats debate.

    A lot of straining accomplishing little, leaving a lingering stench no one should have to endure.

  4. It’s literally Masterfeces Theater for idiots who don’t know how to poop all by themselves. And remember folks Tommy Toilet says to always wipe your ass after you take a crap. This is satire and a parody right, or are progtards this stupid.

  5. Got nuthin on a goose.
    A poop-a-thon festival every night!

    Maybe a “Masterclass” Goose-shit-cleaning video?
    Be difficult to convey the stench and the flies … but … hey … in the interests of human understanding and all …

    Geese are worse than mexicans … or egyptians …

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Maybe they should bring back that wonderful irreverent Japanese kid’s book Everybody Poops which was one of mine and my kid’s favorite kid’s books when they were little. I bought that for them in Seattle in the basement of the Science museum where they sold books, they loved it.

  7. We are eating machines. The raw material input is food, there is a mash-up in the stomach, then the final product squeezes out at the other end, a beautiful, creative masterpiece. Humans, as primitive as we are, then flush away these works of art, to disappear in the local treatment plant. It’s a sad thing.

  8. Sure, in todays society you can’t take a shit without someone telling you your doing it wrong.

    Do you get a diploma & a wall certificate upon completion of the course. Is it a one time thing or do you have to re-certify every 3 years.

    Gotta love millennials.

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