White House fence jumper ordered to undergo evaluation

WaExaminer: A man who jumped the White House fence on Thanksgiving Day while the Obamas were inside was charged Friday with one count of illegal entry on restricted grounds and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

white house jumper

Authorities said Joseph Caputo, 22, of Stamford, Conn., left a suicide note with his friends and a will with his mother before jumping the fence. He did not enter a plea during an appearance at D.C. Superior Court.  more


12 Comments on White House fence jumper ordered to undergo evaluation

  1. Someone needs psychiatric evaluation . And it’s not the fence jumper. There’s a reason for that fence. It’s supposed to keep the inhabitants in. Unfortunately they have a helicopter and escape.

  2. I was trying to recall a single fence – jumper prior to the Obama administration and couldn’t. So yes, maybe it isn’t the fence jumper who should be evaluated.

  3. This guy is about to get punished way beyond the measure of his official one count charge. Psychiatric evaluation is what the Soviets did to some of their critics before locking them away.

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