When kids get bored


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  1. My dad used to talk about how when he was a kid that they were so poor that he only had one thing to play with, I never heard the end of the story because right about that time my mother would always cry out “that’s enough of that!”

  2. 17″ B&W tv with one channel (test pattern much of the night) with makeshift antenna nailed to a tree. Andy Griffith was in first run.
    Internet was our World Book Encyclopedia.
    Rode bicycle around, picked up discarded bottles (2 cents apiece) to turn in at a local market for the price of an RC cola and moon pie. It didn’t take that many bottles.
    Comic books with the heroes of today’s movies without their dark sinister sides.
    Putting together model cars without even thinking of tripping out on the glue.

  3. That way his grandpa couldn’t use his belt on him. My grandfather could put the fear of God into all of us grandkids just by threatening to use it on us. i only saw him do it once on my cousin who had it coming for being a smart ass. My father in law ruled the roost over his 9 kids just by threatening to take off his belt, he was also a teacher and Vice Principal at a Catholic grade school who knew how to hack smart aleck kids with his board of education back in the day.

  4. remember my dad going through phone bill, line by line, around kitchen table. he would not let us dial outside of area code.

    had b&w tv with three stations. We would take crystals and watch through them (like glasses) to colorize show.

  5. Haha! My dad emptied the living room of us 5 kids one day. He reached for his belt – just to adjust it. But we didn’t know until we came back hours later! hehe

  6. Claudia I used a wooden spoon on my 2 girls. I only had to do it a couple times, after that all I had to do was reach for it! 🙂

  7. An old woman lived across the street from us. She had eleven grandchildren; the older ones were close to my age. If you misbehaved in her house you’d get a whacking on your bum with a wooden spoon. Ouch!

    One day one of the grandsons who was slightly younger than I was such a smart-ass that Granny BROKE THE FOOKIN’ SPOON on his arse!

    An immortal memory was born. It was definitely a high point of all our childhoods. We’re still talking about it a half-century later.

    BTW one of my favorite memories of this crew is sitting on Grandma’s front porch playing Old Maid, which has undoubtedly been banned from the modern world for being un-PC. Think I’ll make my own custom deck where the odd card is of a fat, repulsive, lezzy harridan. Maybe Hillary Clinton LOL.

  8. My Dad was in the Air Force.
    I didn’t know we were poor till we moved off-base.

    One thing I don’t understand about feral ghetto dwellers – if all of em are poor, how do they know it?

    If everybody in the village lives in a mud hut, why would there be some kind of awareness that living in a mud hut is different?

    If everybody in the village eats dog, and you’ve been eating dog since you grew teeth, you’d never think there was any stigma to eating dog.

    Someone must be drilling it into the feral ghetto dweller’s heads that they are poor and need additional hand-outs from the white people who live “over there … somewhere.”

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