Suddenly a Published List of People’s Names Upsets the Left

Waiting on Gannett News to weigh in.


The group responsible for an armed anti-Muslim protest at a Dallas-area mosque last weekend posted a list containing the names and addresses of dozens of Muslims and “Muslim sympathizers” to Facebook on Wednesday, the Dallas Morning News reports. According to the Huffington Post, the list contained personal information about more than 60 people pulled from an official document of individuals who signed up to speak at a city council debate on  “Muslim influence” earlier this year. “This is the first time I’ve been slightly alarmed,” the head of a local Islamic group tells the Morning News. “They were just being good citizens to show up and be a part of the democratic process. Now they are targets.”

David Wright led the armed protest outside the Irving Islamic Center last weekend and appears to be behind the list, which has since been removed from Facebook, the Morning News reports. While Wright’s organization, BAIR, states its intention isn’t to intimidate anyone, people whose names were on the list say it couldn’t have been meant for any other reason than to put a target on their backs.


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  1. Oh boo hoo. I hope they’re uncomfortable. They show up to promote terrorism by insisting sharia law replace Constitutional law and they think they’re going to get away with it? Islam is a cancer.

    It’s about time we played using lefty’s rules. lol

  2. The comments at Newser are so pathetic. They don’t even believe gun owner names and home address lists were published by lib newspapers! One idiot said it was a gun owner who published the lists to start trouble. Wow. And it’s Christians beheading and throwing gays off roofs now. Not muslims. Holy shit- Once you read that kind of crap, you have to wonder how many of them have stopped taking their psych meds.

  3. It’s the same brand of stupidity and complete ignorance displayed so prominently on the Newser site that brought BHO to power. As I read comment sections on various articles I find myself wondering how any sentient being with access to the wealth of information available today could be so mind-numbingly stooooopid.

    The following bit of blinding idiocy is from a commenter that calls himself “shebby777”:

    “The Ten Commandments make Sharia Law look like something authored by a woman, possibly Tinker Bell.

    The Ten Commandments commands that a liar be killed (stoned to death), period. You know, when someone lies to you, it’s like they’ve stolen something from you. Think about it.”

    Obviously this goofball has never bothered to actually read and comprehend what the Ten Commandments say, yet in his own ignorance he has the pomposity to tell someone else they should “read things before commenting” in another post.

    This is a prime example of what we’re up against with the left. They are so prideful in their stupidity that they refuse to even consider that they might not have any idea what they’re talking about, but conservatives should just STFU because they say so. Facts have zero impact on their misinformed opinions.

  4. The facist left can dish out the hate and illegal other stuff against people who do not agree with them, but become cry babies when the same is done to them.

    When Prop. 8 won in California, the facist left illegally obtained the names, addresses and personal information of donors to defeat gay marriage. Many, many people lost jobs, their lives ruined. Many were Mormons. I know because I am a Mormon. That was the wake up call for me about liberal progs.

    The Catholic church asked the Mormon church for help to block gay marriage. The only ones who were viciously attacked were the Mormons. I am not saying the Mormons are persecuted, but the Mormons were singled out. I know many conservatives hate Mormons, and the liberals really hate Mormons. Ooooh well.

    Another example is somewhere back east, I forget where, a facist newspaper listed names and addresses of gun owners and members of the NRA and gun rights supporters. This happened a few months ago. The gun owners turned the tables and listed the addresses of everyone who worked for the facist newspaper. Of course the newspaper employees cried fowl, and……they installed alarm systems on their upscale homes and hired armed guards. They whined and carried on about how evil the gun owners were. Hahaha. Turn about is fair play.

    This double standard is BS, but we can’t do much about it because Obama will throw us in jail. What a nightmare.

    Any disagreement against the racist facist left commie progs is illegal now. I never thought I would see this happen. Wow.

  5. I always wondered at the statistic that Americans watch ~35 hours of tee vee each week, but when I see comments like that the mystery is solved. I spent the day on the sofa yesterday watching old movies and saw the typical Friday lineup schedule of weekly tee vee shows! Holy mackerel! 35 hours of that stuff would fry your brain worse than high-test THC or sniffing glue. Then, when you think people record or “on demand” marathons of shows like “Teen Mom 2” (which means there must be a “Teen Mom 1”) or “Fat Guys in the Woods” (still not sure what that’s about), the puzzle pieces fall into place.

  6. PURE CRAP on tv. I gave it up. Got tired of all the BS channels like unvsion an crap I had to pay for. Shopping net is so interesting. just as soon watch paint dry. STUPIDITY on the tv. NOT 4 ME

  7. The leftist and homosexuals have a coordinated approach of trolling the net and social media sites with their propaganda. The comments sections are part of their psycho ops, and i do mean psycho…

    They even pay rudderless, Strawberry Quick drinking, bearded Ze and Zhe’s to sit in their attic bedrooms, or dorm rooms, or in the gay bars and gay coffee shops, to post the approved propaganda. 1000 comments are posted by 3 or 4 parasites using 200 aliases each.

    Just remember, the deviance of homosexuals is not just limited to accepting another mans penis into their rectum or mouth. Nor to having sex with little boys and animals. It extends to their entire existence including the gay propaganda mill.

  8. I have answer to the muslim problem, it’s called a guillotine, firing squad, gas chamber or electric chair. These animals no matter what will never assimilate into American society. Kill them all.

  9. On December 24, 2012 The Rockland Journal News did it:

    “Hundreds of residents in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties were surprised to find their names and addresses listed on a map posted by The Journal News on Sunday. Users can click on the map to see which of their neighbors has a permit for a gun.”
    My name was there as were many of my neighbor’s names
    MJA is spot on. Newser commenters are full of shit. They are denying it ever happened.

    FYI. On 9/11/01/2/3 or thereabouts I was glued to the TV. I. like Donald Trump, and many of my family and friends saw footage, on TV, of mouslims celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers in Patterson, NJ, Journal Square, Jersey City, Dearborn Michigan, and overseas cities. Now they (Geraldo, Stephoulousis, whatever)are denying it ever happened. There is no footage, no proof, they say.
    The Holocaust will eventually disappear form memory if this shit keeps up.

  10. Anon nona. Yes the rag paper took a bit of a trouncing. The names addresses of its editors and reporters appeared all over the internet. Payback is a bitch.

  11. The statist/totalitarians are trying to conquer a world. They are adept at using our own morality against us, because they have NO morality that we can perceive. The izlamists adhere to this worldview inasmuch as ANYTHING to further the cause of izlam is acceptable, just as with the statist/totalitarians. We believe that if you have to lie, deceive, and murder to make a point, the point probably isn’t worth making – they do not agree with that sentiment.

    They can murder thousands of Christians and Jews in the most horrific ways, but speaking out against them is “racist” and un-PC and will be vilified by people who should know better.

    They are succeeding at crushing speech. They will soon be attempting to disarm us. With the clown posse we have leading in the Republicrat Party, it is only a matter of time before they sell us out – and couch the debate in terms of “protecting the l’il chillens.”

  12. Those scumbags names will be on the list when the shit hits the fan. The old men can be used to bring those faggots to justice for domestic terrorism and treason. Even though jerry has lots of guns he never admits to, he is a egg shell limp wrist faggot that will panic and forget where he hid them.

    George Twinkle toes steponmypenis is a tiny midget woman sized homisexual that is going to offer oral sex as a bargaining chip because thats what has always worked in the past for him. But this time he is going to regret it… lol.

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