White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest  parroted the talking points issued by Planned Parenthood this morning, dismissing the explosive investigative videos as the result of “extremists on the right.” – BigGovernment.

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  1. The Nazis were a little more original. They called it “resettlement” to the vast lands of the east.

    Let’s see…. the Nazi Holocaust, Planned Parenthood and the Blight Upon The Land, known as The 0Bama Administration, all have one common enabler/facilitator:

    George “Spooookey Doood” Soros.

  2. And from the extremists on the Left

    The World Wildlife Fund has refused to condemn the illegal eviction of thousands of tribespeople from the Kanha Tiger Reserve,… “there is a greater mission”


    “Ecotourism is integral to conservation in India, and our travels directly benefit the continued existence of some of the world’s most precious vanishing species,” the tour details state, luring tourists in with assurance of an “authentic nature experience”. It adds: “Kanha offers some of India’s best tiger viewing possibilities.”

    Save the llama fo yo mama, obomba

  3. I don’t know what the outrage is. We should extol the sacrifice of the babies murdered so that a cure for deadly diseases can be found to cure babies, and other more fortunate people, that were not aborted. Doesn’t everyone want Micheal J. Fox to be able to sing and dance again? Besides the rabidly amoral staff of PP
    need pedicures! Perhaps the March of Dimes could give them some more of their “we help babies” dimes! Give to the charlatans until it hurts and they will make it hurt even more!

  4. “Vast right wing conspiracy”.
    Hey, that’s Hillary’s and she’s still using it.

    obama and PP have stolen it………… !
    huh, “murderers” and “thieves” hang together.

  5. pp has it made:

    taxpayers support the poor black women who are getting pregnant in the inner cities, now generationally and who seek abortions.

    pp gets tax payer money directly from the government as funding for their abortions.

    pp then sells the harvested organs from the killed children for money to research centers.

    now where do the ghouls who are buying the dead baby parts at the research centers get the money to buy the dead baby parts?

    why, they must get it from government grants given to research labs taken from the taxpayers don’t they?

    now who are the people getting paid, who are working at the research centers, who use dead baby parts for their taxpayer supported research?

    do the abortion mills have investors? just who are they? do any politicians have investments in any of these mills? which politicians have taken money from pp?

    if you think about it there is a lot of taxpayer money all wrapped up in this child sacrifice ring isn’t there?

  6. Why aren’t black people marching in the streets screaming about the black genocide taking place through abortion?

    They cry and moan and wail when an 0bamason gets whacked in a driveby, but thousands and thousands of black babies get flushed or harvested by planned parenthood. Yet they are silent.

    Why is this?

    Because the same people who moan and wail about the drive by shootings are the same ones getting the abortions. The blood is on their hands more than it is on the gang bangers doing the driveby.

    And they know it.

  7. “The devil’s greatest trick was convincing everyone he didn’t exist.”

    “Socialism’s greatest trick was convincing people to kill their own children.”

    No civilization which kills its own children can survive.

    There’s a linkage in these truths, but I just can’t put my finger on it …

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