Who Is the Craziest Progressive-Fringe Democrat Running?


The contest for the soul of the Democratic Party between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders has really started to heat up in recent months. Both candidates are trying to “out-liberal” each other in a race to see who will end up farther left than Karl Marx.

The tit for tat between the two campaigns is almost comical. It’s like high-stakes poker, with trillion-dollar stakes.


When Bernie Sanders unveiled his education plan a few months ago, he proposed tripling so-called Title I funding for schools. No top Democrat offered anything more generous — until Elizabeth Warren this week called for quadrupling the spending.

That’s just a taste of the tit-for-tat between the two: In August, Warren unveiled a plan calling for 40 percent of corporate board members to be elected by rank-and-file workers. Last week, Sanders raised her, saying it should be 45 percent.

Of course, the farther left they go, the farther away from the political mainstream they get. This is especially true on taxes.

In February, Sanders  reiterated his proposal to increase Social Security benefits by about $110 a month for low-income seniors and boost cost-of-living adjustments for all recipients. To which Warren countered: No, it should be  $200 a month — for everyone. And after Warren unveiled her signature wealth tax for fortunes over $50 million and estimated it would raise $2.75 trillion over the next decade, Sanders, not to be outdone, proposed a wealth tax that he said would bring in $4.35 trillion partly by lowering the threshold to $32 million.

Social Security is a basket case, but why should anyone care about that when the president will have virtual control over the printing of money? Relax and let the socialists run things.

Sanders, the bitter, angry old socialist and Warren, a more cerebral but still angry Harvard professor, are competing to see which candidate can claim bragging rights to being the craziest. MORE

6 Comments on Who Is the Craziest Progressive-Fringe Democrat Running?

  1. Bernie has a slight handicap here as some of his nuts are between his legs with different thought patterns than those in his head. Warren has all her nuts in her head which allows her to keep “Outnuttifying” poor Bernie.

  2. The Democrat’s primary pageant doesn’t matter. DNC proved that last time.

    I’ll wait to see where the bidding of “most extra-judicial executions of former executive branch members” peters out. And vote accordingly.


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