Is this the whistleblower?

I’ve received this one in too many emails to ignore. The first one was Mr. Pinko’s a week ago.

This is the person who is largely rumored to be the whistleblower.

This is Sue Gordon

fat gal in a little coat

The real question is why Sheila Jackson Lee is dressed up like a cop. ^


President Donald Trump announced on July 28, 2019, that he intended to nominate Republican congressman John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as Director of National Intelligence (DNI), but withdrew Ratcliffe from consideration five days later.[10][11] After Trump’s announcement, it was not immediately clear if he would retain Gordon, as acting DNI during Ratcliffe’s confirmation process, or if she would be retained in the agency upon Ratcliffe’s confirmation. Two sources told CNN there was an active search underway and that Gordon was not considered likely to be retained because she “is viewed by some in the administration as someone who is not going to be the type of political loyalist Trump wants in that role.”[12] Some Trump allies advised him Gordon was too close to former CIA director John Brennan, an outspoken Trump critic, an assertion Brennan dismissed.[13][14] One Democratic congressional official told NBC News, “if he appoints anyone other than Sue Gordon as acting DNI, the Senate will raise holy hell.”[15] By law, the Principal Deputy succeeds the Director upon a vacancy, but on August 8, 2019 Trump announced Gordon was resigning and appointed the Director of the National Counterterrorism CenterJoseph Maguire as acting DNI.[16]

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  1. I nailed her the first minute all this broke. This is all coming from Dan coats Inc.. The whole damn intelligence community!
    My God, anybody that votes for a Democrat is one dumb son of bitch

    Trump 20/20 for the sake of our country.

  2. “The real question is why Sheila Jackson Lee is dressed up like a cop?”

    Her rodeo clown outfit was at the cleaners….

  3. No matter who it is, they’re under federal protection. I think there’s really good odds the whistle blower gets offed before they can testify. But it won’t be Trump doing the offing.

  4. No wonder the Dem propaganda arm are claiming the “whistleblower” is in hiding in fear for his/her life. This woman would not present well on tv.

  5. LOL, yep looks exactly like any liberal feminizi loons that Paul Joseph Watson would have in one of his videos. So what kind of voice is she going to use when she testifies?

  6. Bill Clinton admitted to Joe Biden “Not even I am depraved enough to hit on that”! Joe Biden admitted that he would still like to sniff both of her hair predominant sources!

  7. Yeah, this “smells” as bad as the Kavanaugh hearings. I hate liberals and democrats. We Don’t have a lot of income, but we’re picking races where our few dollars could make a difference. I want the fucking democrats out of the house, period. I have an idiot former liberal friend that keeps voting for Sheila Jackson Lee, Hillary and just loves Cory Booker. There is no hope for her.Loves the green new deal and lives in a 5,00 square foot, which was purchased by her impotent husband who made a high income in the oil industry. Her BFF are all gay. Liberalism is a mental disease

  8. Lots of folks I’ve been reading online say, “actually, NO, not her.”
    We’ll see.

    I’m more interested in the kabuki of how the Dems will play the “Complaint” as a basis for any action *without* revealing the whistleblower in a hearing (because they don’t have to).

    In any case, NOT WORRIED.
    Even with *only* a simple majority required in the House,
    the Senate will NEVER vote 67 to remove from office.


  9. Why would anyone in their right mind want to snap a picture of that Yeti?

    I guess to send to the Coast-To-Coast radio program.

  10. Why would anyone in their right mind want to snap a picture of that Yeti?

    I guess to send to the Coast-To-Coast-AM radio program.

  11. When I saw that pic, I really thought you were fooking with us Mr. Hat.

    I didn’t believe it was real, until I saw her younger pic at wikipedia.

  12. Let’s just be honest, shall we?

    How many times has Trump commented on the attractiveness of the people in his presence? At rallies, at awards ceremonies, etc.

    If most of us here think this is an unattractive, untidy person, can you imagine POTUS Trump’s inner thoughts? LOL! Appearance alone disqualifies her from this administration’s employment.

  13. “She” majored in Zoology at Duke University. Explains a lot. Appears to be a case of self discovery – Himalayan Yeti or North America Bigfoot.

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