Who’s Winning The Battle on Facebook?

Given the number of people obsessing over social media, this format should play a large role in the upcoming election.  So which candidate is winning the election on Facebook?  Judging from likes and comments left one has a commanding lead over the other.

Hillary’s Facebook page Here

Donald’s Facebook page Here

There’s also one other major difference between the candidates on their approach to properly utilizing this key component of social networking.  See Here

15 Comments on Who’s Winning The Battle on Facebook?

  1. Capitalism – shop! Hillary is known to buy likes and followers, who knows how many of her followers are ‘real.’

  2. I can’t get onto Facebook because of an unresolvable password problem. Can someone please tell me how many likes each one has?

    “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country” has given way to “I regret that I have only two thumbs to point down for Hillary.”

  3. That’s strange. I can’t access the pages. Something about needing to have a Facebook account.

    Nope. Not gonna happen.

    Kudos to Trump for being savvy enough to use it well. Smart.

  4. I’m not social and I don’t network.
    Screw Facebook.
    You wanna see my children, grandkids, know what we’re doing, what we’re eating or who my friends are?
    Come over to the house.

  5. I find it interesting that Hillary chose the big crowd for her picture, maybe to give the impression tbat she draws big crowds. But she’s hard to spot, and all we see is her back. Come to.think of it, that pic is her campaign in a nutshell.

    Also, Tim Kaine used his leanin’ stool as a table. Not Hillary. That thing had better be empty when the backup beeper starts.

  6. I like how the academic at the third link makes sure to sternly warn that personal profit from the campaign merchandising is strictly illegal, and Trump.better mind his P’s & Q’s. Does he not know who Trump’s opoonent is?

  7. Fakebook is a funny thing. Never had a real account and I don’t carry a phone. But it blows me away to see how many people are preoccupied with that little piece of plastic in their hands! What scares me is that they do it while they’re driving too. Can’t count the times that I’ve had to honk at some dumbass in front of me who is clearly checking their Iphone while the light turns green.

  8. Fu*k Facebook! I signed on there as Al Yourfulname (just following instructions to the letter) when it was started.
    Went to school at whatsamata u. Worked fine, until some dumb bastard liberal lawyer complained when I challenged him at the local paper comment page.
    Facebook made me give my “real” name a couple of years ago.
    Now I’m known there as Lou Pohl there. lol

  9. Awhile back I remember a series of revelations that some huge percentage (30-40%?) of Obozo’s millions of followers were fake.
    Bot accounts, created by the millions with common software.

    I’d expect Hillary uses the same fake Bot follower scammery.

    Paper tigers.
    Oz, and the curtain.

    Trump 2016.


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