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Why Bernie Sanders and Millennials are a match made in ignorant heaven

CityJournal- A friend, who like me straddles the demarcation line between Millennial and Gen-Xer, was being bombarded at her Millennial-filled office with endless pro-Bernie Sanders “memes.”

Bernie Undies

Things had reached a comic nadir (or zenith, depending on your perspective) with the non-ironic electronic dissemination of a doctored image of Sanders—framed by a heavenly rainbow—with a kitten under each arm: “I FIGHT FOR THE 99 ‘PURR-CENT,’” the bold white letters proclaimed. Quipped my friend: “I eat lunch by myself most days now.”

I commiserated. The same stuff was spamming my social media feeds; Bernie-fever sometimes seemed more intense, more omnipresent than the Obama-gasms of seven years ago. “Feel the Bern” jokes abounded, as did links to left-wing philippics on how Bernie was going to right all capitalist and racist wrongs. Most common were pics of the candidate in heroic, Soviet-worker-like pose—made by his campaign for the express purpose of “grassroots” reposting—next to quotations such as, “I have opposed Keystone from day one.”

My friend and I were not imagining things: the millennial love affair with Sanders is real. read more

9 Comments on Why Bernie Sanders and Millennials are a match made in ignorant heaven

  1. YAWN

    Bernie is the Ron Paul candidate this time round, only on the Democrat side.

    He will come in second place in all state primaries.
    However, Clinton will probably pick him as her VP and united and solidify the base.

    We have work to do.

  2. Millennial story from last night or how stupidity gives it all away.
    Went to the dreaded Chipotle last night (I know….) to pick up carry out for the husband and me. Got 2 bowls and asked for an iced tea, paid, got the cup, filled with ice and lemon. Discovered there was no tea dispenser.

    Went back to the smiling vapid cashier and told her there was no tea. She says get another drink. Nope, don’t do sugar or artificial sweeteners. The dispenser is broken for tea she says. I hand her my receipt and ask for a refund. She refunds the entire purchase price for both bowls and the tea. I look at her and say ‘that’s not right’. She informs me she can read and count and I got the correct $15 and some change back. The other smiling vapid Millenial next to her is shaking her head and saying I got the right refund.

    Well okay then as I walk out with my bag of free food. Vapid, vacuous, dismally stupid Millenial giving away the business and thinking I am the dense old lady. I kept thinking of a line from Curly/3 Stooges: Hi! I’m UmbDay.
    The husband wants to see if he can get free food tonight….

    Just had to share the story.

  3. It’s a sad state of mind for millenials; but us older folk just need to be kind and gentle to them, hoping they’ll grasp what an “adultier adult” looks like, emboldening them to (while being respective to their management i.e. work) to think as individuals outside the box. Many of them want to know, what is real.
    Up to us to help them as they probably did not get it in the homestead.
    Let’s not forget the powerful indoctrination centers ( schrewels) we have now, so they’ll have a strong preconceived bent toward liberalism.
    I know, I was one. Thank goodness for the escape.

  4. Similar story:
    Had a coupon for buy one, get one half off.
    Was charged for only one, second one rang up free.
    Pointed this out to cashier.
    She said that the cash register didn’t have a button for half off, so she just gave it to us for free.
    Coupon doesn’t expire until Dec 2016, we’ll be back.

  5. Good ole Bernie, the limp, flimsy spine of formless mendacity, still wheezing out Socialism like an old country calliope with a leaky boiler – the Left´s great hope for continuing the chaos, except of course for the rotton, old Hillbag!

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