Why Did Obama Issue a Decree That Placates a Micro-Minority of Mentally Ill Over the Wishes of the Majority?

Bill Whittle asks, “why is Obama focusing on an issue that is so unpopular? Isn’t there another synthetic social justice issue somewhere else?”

Whittle explains that this has nothing to do with justice for these sick freaks. It has to do with pushing to see how far the left’s power can extend by simply preying on the sense of fairness  and decency of the American public. If they successfully lord over the majority, the Republic is theirs, democracy be damned.

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  1. Imedan, I’m sure Barky feels really bad about Donald Young, Nate Spencer and Larry Bland. Maybe this brings him some closure.

  2. As usual, right to the point and right on the money!
    Love the Synthetic Injustice term! The so-called “Black Leaders” started it when they suddenly realized that the Civil Rights movement was running out of gas. They had to manufacture “racism” where it didn’t exist to keep the money flowing. Monkey see, monkey do kicked in and other groups realized what they were missing out on and now we have a nation full of “victims” as a result while the Commie in the White house takes advantage of it to distract, divide and destroy America!

  3. i think it’s a planned distraction

    we are losing on all fronts, the administration is a colossal failure, and I believe they have intentionally taken over the dialog with lgbt issues, and created a firestorm of blog warfare while the real world burns out of control


  4. I just wrote a letter about this to my county school board.

    What did you do today?

    Shall I post the letter so that you may copy it? No, I’m not going to do that.

  5. We all see it for what it is. The issue is never the issue with the Alinsky crowd.

    For the last seven years, they have been editing the Wikipedia entry for the book “Rules for. Radicals” to cover their tracks as much as the entry for “Psycopathic Narcissism” (it used to be called that).

    The Google search results have also changed as much.

    Yes, I follow this shit and I don’t trust most sites. There is a reason Zuckerberg was at Sea Island and met with Frau Merkel.

    I assume they monitor Hits on everything and respond accordingly.

  6. : – You look at the country before Lincoln and after Lincoln and at the way he eviscerated the Bill of Rights and murdered hundreds of thousands of non-combatatants… and you call him one of our best? I think you are the one suffering from mental illness. That’s just crazy.

  7. uncle al, tell that to the millions who agree

    i see your thoughts similarly, and anticipated your reply

  8. He is absolutely correct.
    That is why the Uniparty is on board, and both Punch and Judy are toeing the line on the issue.
    Sloganeering aside, both Punch and Judy want the leftward motion that has taken place. Punch has redefined Bentpeckers first year positions as ‘right wing’, and has been moving left of that daily.
    We are screwed for at least another 4 years, especially as Judy is likely just a placeholder as she was 8 years ago.

  9. Maybe it’s his “wife”, Michael Robinson.
    Nobody talks about the elephant pecker in the room.
    Do a GIS, I dare you.
    No, not elephant pecker, Michelle Obama’s pecker.

  10. I agree with Trump on this issue. North Carolina acted stupidly by passing HB-2 bill making high school showers gender specific. As he said, it has cost my state a lot of money and it should be the way it was before the law. It was stupid of North Carolina to loose all that money by keeping people like Bruce Jenner out of girls showers.

    any bets on how long it will take for this comment to turn Chinese?

  11. The issue is that when you look at the gender displacement disorder it is exactly that, a disorder.
    The Gay Agenda cannot have this.
    If the AMA declares it a form of mental illness, then being Gay is right next door.
    So this will be the firewall disguised as a civil rights movement

  12. I think we should scour the landscape for bizarre, outlier lifestyles and then retool our entire society to cater to every freak’s every whim. What a fantastic long term plan that is… if you hate this country and want to see it fall into complete and utter decay and chaos.

  13. Why? Because he’s still in the process of fundamentally transforming the greatest nation that ever existed.

  14. i am starting to be quite annoyed the red chinese………

    and i’m not talking about those islands, either…..

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