“I think what I just watched is a murder.” – Man watching video of abortion

Here is a video that a group of interviewees viewed. It describes what a second trimester abortion is like.

This video is their reaction –


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  1. Horrific. I have watched horror movies all of my adult 72 years, and never left in the middle. This video made me shudder in horror and I couldn’t get past the description of the grabber. How the hell would any person sleep after performing vivisection of an infant?

    We thought Nazi medical horrors were a crime. This is no different.

  2. No other countries on earth today, except the US and China, have a state sanctioned slaughter of around a million of it’s citizens each year.
    When adjusted for population, out government sanctions more killing of civilians than any other. The primary method is abortion.
    The Muslims and cartels dream of being a murderous as the USA. They just aren’t cold blooded enough to follow through.
    Right now, tens of millions of people that killed their children in cold blood walk our streets, free of even social stigma.

  3. The deadness inside required to be OK with this is a bit scary to me.

    What else might they do if killing a tiny human is OK? How could I ever trust someone like that with anything dear to me. They have their own rules.

  4. this is the deepest most vile crime that a person can commit, and we allow it.

    Congress could not bring themselves to defund planned parenthood. Obama *spit* said “god bless planned parenthood”.

  5. I went to a Catholic high school for my sophomore year in the mid 70s. The whole school got to watch on film a real suction abortion. A public school would never have gotten away with showing a film of a doctor working on a woman’s private parts, much less this procedure.

    I have about as much desire to watch this as I as do seeing the color films of German concentration camps we watched on film in 5th grade history class again. Fetal tissue mush or stacks of rotting corpses, evil is evil and it makes me sick.I just can’t do it.

    I guess we didn’t get a safe space back in the day, but I am all the better for it.

  6. There are hundreds of reasons men push women into abortions. There are hundreds of reasons women seek abortions. When a women’s hormones are starting to mushroom when she becomes pregnant, she is not thinking normally. Often fear takes over, and she makes the awful decision to abort.

    Often a woman is taken to the abortuary AGAINST her will, by her spouse of parent.

    This subject could become a 20 page dissertation, so I will just quit now. It’s been a long day.

  7. When confronted with the ugly truth, all of the PC lies they have been indoctrinated with and taught to repeat – without any analysis or critical thinking of their own – just washes away. And with a newfound clarity, and the resolve that comes with thinking for yourself, their opinion of abortion does a 180. Just like that.

  8. D&E?!? Horrifying! I worked as an assist in D&C procedures. That was medically termed as a ‘missed ab.’ In other words, the mother naturally miscarried and could not ‘pass’ the ‘POC’. (Products of conception) and was beginning to suffer from severe infection, so we had to use the tools you saw, but NOT the artificial seaweed crap to go through that procedure. The difference was the baby had already, naturally perished, and it really was to ease the mother’s help.

    And EVERY Doctor, Nurse, and Aide was SUPER respectful of the mother and of the baby’s remains, throughout!

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