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Why Do Most People in This Country Work, while Others Never Will?

AT: It was with much trepidation that I planned a recent trip to Chicago.  I was informed by many friends that Chicago is a great city and a great place to visit.  However, Chicago is in the news for all the wrong reasons, with daily reports of shootings and violence reaching historically high levels.

The Chicago you experience as a tourist is very different from the city being reported on on a daily basis in the news.  Downtown Chicago was crowded with tourists and provided a visitor every impression of being a prosperous, vibrant, and highly livable city.

Visiting the areas around the Loop, the Magnificent Mile, and the neighborhoods located directly north of Downtown, we were impressed by the large numbers of young professional people who have made Chicago their home.  For these select young educated elites, Chicago does provide opportunity for a good life in an appealing urban environment.  The neighborhoods of choice for these mostly white and Asian-American young people are located on the north side of the city in this most segregated of large cities in our country.

On the other hand, for the poor and many middle-class residents, a combination of high state and local taxes and limited job opportunities for people without the adequate skills and education required for the new services-dominated economy has driven a great number of people to leave Chicago and Illinois for states such as Texas that are judged by many as more attractive places to live, offering the prospect of a better life.

A society begins its decline when it loses confidence and gives up hope.  President Obama’s true legacy is that he directed a transformation of America that diminished economic opportunity for large segments our country.  Under Obama, many American workers in this country suffered a permanent lowering of their standard of living, leading to a perceived future for them of limited prospects.  The Obama Progressive policy–driven economic agenda was primarily responsible for this decline.  read more

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  1. If you’re brought up to be a welfare child, and watch your parent (let’s face it, one is usually missing) bum around and act stupid while living on the dole, and you watch everyone in your neighborhood and throughout your family doing the same without any shame or ambition, and all the media you watch tells you that you are a victim, you are surrounded by corrupt politicans looking to keep you dependent – why would you want to ‘work?’

  2. Read Colin Flaherty, “White woman bleed a lot.”
    Nobody really gives a shit anymore. Stay at home. Don’t go shopping in the Mall any more. Don’t let your kids play outside. Don’t go to the pool. Don’t try having a picnic alone with your family. Don’t wear a MAGA hat.
    Don’t Pledge to the Flag. Don’t salute “Old Glory.” Don’t. Don’t Don’t. Just don’t, ’cause you may offend someone.

  3. He who does not work, will not eat.

    Pretty sound standard. Work brings dignity and purpose and self-esteem. We need to end our jobless entitlement programs which socialists Democrats adore to buy votes of the lazy and stupid.

  4. “…continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fibre. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.”- FDR

    Yes, a democrat said that at one time.

  5. Not working is easy. Working is hard.
    Personal pride is something that needs to be taught. Usually by example.
    Forty-eight days with the grid down, and the adaptable ones who are willing to learn will remain

  6. I find BFH and MJA enlightening with what they do, unlike those masters of projection known as Liberals, who have to resort to TELLING everyone how “enlightened” they are!

  7. TRF, On one of the most Holy days of the year, I wish to offer a reading from the Book of Choad 1:01:001 concerning Liberals,,,
    Short chapter it is,,

  8. I never really understood why they call the welfare card “The Independent Card”
    As far as I can see, anyone using that card is a DEPENDENT (leech).
    Fucking bunch of useless drains on society, with an entitlement attitude, feeding off of the working American’s tit, while bashing the very same people that are paying for them,
    And demanding more and more.
    FUCK these leeches.


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