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Why have the leaks stopped?


Leaker Found

The Silence of The Shams

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The House Intelligence Committee now has the bank records of Fusion-GPS.  They were turned over Friday after a federal judge on Thursday shot-down a last-ditch effort by attorneys from Fusion to get an emergency injunction.

Chairman Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee now have the records of payments made by Fusion-GPS to “journalists and media companies” during 2016 and early 2017 when Glenn Simpson, Mary Jacoby and Peter Fritsch were shopping the Christopher Steele ‘Russian dossier’ to enhance the “Insurance Policy”.

Perhaps we will find out which journalists and media companies were paid by Fusion-GPS. Perhaps those payments are part of the reason the media apparatus, writ large, made a concerted effort last week to distance the Steele Dossier from the origin of the FBI Counterintelligence operation against candidate Trump that began in July 2016.

Additionally, and I shall easily say ‘predictably‘, there’s been far less visible evidence of congressional or intelligence community leaks to the media.  The Wolff book has provided a deafening cover for the media retreat; but the absence of IC leaks is also deafening.  As we previously shared, this outcome was fully anticipated.

Most of the direct (“small group”) FBI (CoIntel), DOJ (NatSec Division) and Special Counsel co-conspirators are only able to talk amid themselves.  They know by now they are being monitored and they have strong suspicion the size of the surveillance upon them. [Hi guys.] No-one else is willing to put themselves at risk now.  Congressional allies now view the small group as carrying a legal ebola virus.  Contact is now a risk.

All of the ‘Muh Russia’ co-conspirators, and the aggregate DC enablers, along with their media mouthpieces are nervous. The Wolff book noise is hiding a genuine trepidation that all of the scheming for the past 18+ months is about to come crashing down.  read more

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  1. I think they found the leaking nipple….

  2. This is all well and good, personally, I won’t be happy until they frog march Cankels and her coterie of felons out in shackles for the world to see what happens to traitorous thieves.

  3. They have a strong suspicion of the surveillance against them.

    Now they know how American conservatives feel.

  4. How many more years of corruption and cover-up will be endured before “real” action is taken?

    Can the two tiered establishment in place at DOJ, FBI and Judicial system be truly trusted to indict, prosecute and incarcerate the corrupt Obama/Clinton cabal?

    Defense attorneys with unlimited financial resources will drag this out for years to come, all the while the guilty will walk freely among us mocking the very system meant to prevent the corruption.

  5. When Deep State conspirators talk about using ham radio for secret communications, you know the end is near. Now they’re all scrambling for the last flight out of Berlin. No time to talk.

  6. Never expect anything positive. That way, you can only be pleasantly surprised and never really disappointed.

  7. So all the offended and groped women have disappeared as a hot topic. Talk about a manufactured purge. The funny thing I suppose is that Franken tried to catch that train after it left the station and surrendered it all for …. crickets. That’s right in there with the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies.

  8. Ever since Bannon left not as many leaks???
    I hope it wasn’t him.

  9. Waiting to see who in the MSM got paid to spread the lies. RICO time.

  10. Use the known leakers to leak disinformation to make the media, and other enemies of freedom look like even bigger fools than they are.

  11. That’s a simple question to answer. The leaks have stopped because all the information being found now is bad for the Democrats and exculpatory for Trump. Those worthless cunts McVain and Schiffty the Leaker where the worst offenders. McVain is hopefully on the first steps of his descent to Hell soon, and Schiffty can’t find anything legitimate that makes Trump look bad; so the baton has been handed off to that lying sack of shit Michael Wolff and those hacks in the APA to try a 25th amendment attack.

    What’s becoming abundantly clear is that our country has been under the thumb of a cabal of party hacks, law firms, professional standards organizations, university heads, union thugs, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats to turn this country into a communist fucking shithole for the past 30 years.

  12. Start doing your homework on “Q”, “QAnon”, 8chan, and 4chan, and start YouTubing info from about 2 weeks before Christmas.

    You’ll start to understand wtf has been POSSIBLY going on behind the scenes.

    Julian Assange’s name will come up, as will the names of other players (those whom are nefarious).

    This will give insight as to why the powers that be are in panic mode, and are trying to de-legitimize the POTUS and subsequently his policies that are cleaning up the swamp.

  13. We have the rope. Now we need a FREEDOM TREE big enough to handle all the TRAITORS!

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