Why Savages Prefer Blondes



Violent Islamic lust for British and Scandinavian girls goes right back to Muhammad.

FrontPageMag- The Muslim penchant to target “white” women for sexual exploitation—an epidemic currently plaguing Europe, especially Britain and Scandinavia—is as old as Islam itself, and even traces back to Muhammad.


Much literary evidence attests to this in the context of Islam’s early predations on Byzantium (for centuries, Christendom’s easternmost bulwark against the jihad).  According to Ahmad M. H. Shboul (author of “Byzantium and the Arabs: The Image of the Byzantines as Mirrored in Arabic Literature”) Christian Byzantium was the “classic example of the house of war,” or Dar al-Harb—that is, the quintessential realm that needs to be conquered by jihad.  Moreover, Byzantium was seen “as a symbol of military and political power and as a society of great abundance.”

The similarities between pre-modern Islamic views of Byzantium and modern Islamic views of the West—powerful, affluent, desirable, and the greatest of all infidels—should be evident.  But they do not end here.  To the medieval Muslim mind, Byzantium was further representative of “white people”—fair haired/eyed Christians, or, as they were known in Arabic, Banu al-Asfar, “children of yellow” (reference to blonde hair).    MORE

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  1. Fucking moslims are twisted mofos living in the 7th century-the Earth would be a much better place with 90% of them on Mars. Better yet, when we become energy independent, they can take their gold facets with them as they camel around the desert.

    All it will take is some PCless leadership.

    Irrelevant and ignored sure beats a sheet of glass, which is exactly where they’re heading.

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