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Will You Accept This Fork?

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  1. Since there is no obvious point being made by that video, I have to assume either that its message was too subtle for me, or that there is no point to it at all. I suspect that it is as pointless as it appears to be.

  2. If you see a dork in the road… stick a fork in it.

  3. @MJA – Please believe me when I say that my question isn’t in the usual snide and dismissive sense, but…
    What’s “The Bachelor”?

  4. You don’t need a fork to eat corn on the cob. I’m taking some corn on the cob with my lunch tomorrow and I don’t need a fork except for my can of smoked herring. It looks like the poor corn got cornholed.

  5. OMG! I can’t unread that,
    Sticka fork in Vietvet, he done!

  6. I know what The Bachelor is, but I didn’t get this either.

  7. I thought that was a cookie. Every meal should have a sweet dessert.

  8. @geoff the aardvark – Please don’t tell us you eat lutefisk also…

  9. *trembling hands reach for fork*
    Y-yes…? @~@
    I guess….?

    [What do I do now???]

  10. Not a chance, lutefisk looks and probably tastes like overboiled snot soaked in lye and stinking to high heaven. I’d sooner eat haggis. I did eat some Portuguese dried cod (it was as stiff as a board) once that a Hawaiian roommate of mine had, it was actually good in a jerky kind of way once you got past the nauseating smell. My dad loved sardines which is probably where I got my like of sardines and herring from. And one of my brothers got in trouble in grade school for dangling a sardine in front of a girl at lunchtime and he had to go see the principal.

  11. I call bullshit.
    No normal woman would choose fried green tomatoes over corn on the cob.
    – Especially if there’s melted butter involved.

  12. I’m so old I can only assume this is based on some pop culture thing but I have no idea what, and am going to bed.

  13. Ha! It’s a southern thing. You need teefers to eat corn!

    On a positive note. I have a line on some late, big name sweet corn. Still a few weeks out.

  14. Geoff the Aardvark – whomever fed you that “Portuguese fish” which is called “bacalao” was pulling your chain. The correct way to use it is to soak it in water for a couple of days until the salt leaches out and it goes soft re-absorbing the water, then you cook it with rice or beans. If you want fish jerky, just go to any corner store in Iceland and get a bag of what looks like potato chips, only they are dried fish chips and taste pretty darned good.

  15. I have had Blue Lake green beans, they were still green.
    Like beer, you can only rent corn.
    Nixtamalization, makes it yours.

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