Win or Lose, Alex Jones Saying This On the Record in Court is GOLD – IOTW Report

Win or Lose, Alex Jones Saying This On the Record in Court is GOLD

The partisan dem judge looks a bit upset.

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  1. Whether Alex is a good guy or a bad guy, full of shit or privy to secrets honest folk care about, we share the same enemies, and as such, anytime he can cause them acid reflux, constipation, or provoke an uncontrollable urge to blow their brains out, I’m all for him and hope he continues his scorched earth approach to those evil denizens of the deep.

  2. Wonder if anyone let this idiot prosecutor know that Jone’s is an accomplished Radio/Talk show host? He can read the stiches on the fast balls and this case is basically about free speech to boot. The more he makes the court patrons laugh the better.


  3. Nadler and Schiff invented stories all day long and get President Trump impeached. Those pathetic losers spent hundreds of millions of dollars, turned the country upside down, put everything on hold and did not provide one witness, one document, or one video. All thosse months, not one iota of evidence. They got off Scott free. The entire world knows Alex Jones is in the entertaining business and he is being sued? Why aren’t Schiff and Nadler being sued?

  4. @ SNS,

    When asked if he believed government actors were involved in child sex trafficking he replied “like Jeffrey Epstein?”

  5. I bow to the meme gods for who ever put that one together.

    Reminds me of this one-

    The best part is fb saying it might be an altered video!!!

  6. Don’t get me wrong, but after the last few years, I can kind of understand why that fruit had a hit list of SC Justices. Of course, I’d have a completely different list, probably topped by that m—rf—r who tormented Mike Flynn for years, and followed by those dicks presiding over J6 show trials, but the sentiment is the same.

  7. Judge says anything you read is hearsay.
    So why isn’t everything the prosecution is presenting not hearsay as it is mostly what they read?
    Can you say another rigged prosecution of Americans exercising free speech?

  8. Michael Flynn.

    I had more to say, but I think that says enough right there.

    Michael Flynn.


    And Richard Jewel.

  9. No, I’m not done.

    Shame on us for abandoning Alex Jones.

    For all our 2A rights kabuki, we conservatives are spineless. We watch each other get eaten like gazelles early and often. At work, in the neighborhood, or at the market. We watched our president get impeached twice. We continue to watch as our own are illegally held by our own government.

    I hate calling myself conservative. It means I am a weakling. Yet I am not a weakling. So maybe I am not a conservative?


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