Woman Ignores Texts From Man After First Date- He Bills Her For Dinner

The main reason I’m not siding with this bint is because she deliberately didn’t redact his phone number when she posted his invoice online. This shows you what kind of callous jerk she is. Also, she made a private matter public and then ran and hid when she didn’t receive universal praise for what she did.


After drinks and dinner with the unnamed man, Amanda Burnett decided to not take their relationship further. She ignored his text requesting to go on a second date the next day.

A few weeks later, Burnett received a letter from him, including a bill for her half of their date. Naturally, she shared her experience on Twitter.

“A guy just mailed me a bill for our dinner a few weeks ago because I didn’t text him back,” she wrote.

She posted the message alongside a photo of the invoice, which broke down what he was supposedly owed: $20 for bar costs, $14.50 for her meal of pulled pork tacos, a $1.99 “processing fee,” sales tax of $2.56, and shipping and handling, which came to $0.47.

In total, her bill came to about $40.

While many Twitter users agreed that it was a petty move by the anonymous man, others called Burnett cruel for ghosting him.

“If you don’t have the decency to text the guy back he’s in every right to make you pay for the meal,” one wrote. “Only fair!”

“So many girls just expect the guy to pay for everything,” chimed in another critic.

Burnett ended up making her Twitter account private after the backlash.

“Cracks me up how people instantly are like, ‘well why didn’t YOU text him back??? You just wanted a free meal??’ YOU AS A WOMAN ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO GIVE A MAN ANYTHING IN EXCHANGE FOR A CHEAP DINNER,” she argued.


You know what cracks me up? Women claiming there is a “wage gap,” women claiming they are treated unfairly, women demanding to be viewed no differently than a man, but built into our culture is this notion that a man pays for everything on dates.

30 Comments on Woman Ignores Texts From Man After First Date- He Bills Her For Dinner

  1. He probably shouldn’t have told her that he’d get the drinks and meal if she’d get just the tip.

  2. Just who are these women who wonder why the dating scene has diminished to a six pack and some porn?

  3. Thanks to social media, she will likely not be getting asked-out on dates in the future. Guys out there in the “singles scene”: Remember the name Amanda Burnett.

  4. Always better to find out you’re a mismatch as early as possible. Even when it’s you that’s being rejected.

    Covering $40 for her half is cheap to find this out so soon, dude.

    Sending an invoice? What, exactly, did you expect to accomplish? He’s a drama queen that wants to cat fight. Pfft.

    Turn in your man card and go take a remedial course in manhood for soy boys.

  5. Dad, respectfully disagree.

    The fact that he had to text her to find out what was up indicates she didn’t cut if off cold at the end of the first date. Maybe her mind wasn’t made up, maybe it was, but he obviously didn’t know and she chose not to tell him.

    Okay, fine. Equal pay for the same job, then equal pay for the same dinner.

    Make them live by their own rulebook.

  6. She was rude to not text him back. He was stupid to prepare and send her an invoice, which he had to have known she wasn’t going to pay. She was stupid to air their dirty laundry on social media.

    Life’s too short to waste time on rude and stupid people.

  7. Of course the guy never expected her to pay, it was just a humorous way to make a point; if someone pays for your dinner and drinks, you only owe him a thank you. All she had to do when he texted her was say “thank you for dinner, but I don’t think we are a good match, but best wishes to you”.

  8. Ghosting is definitely one of the most passive aggressive, vicious, selfish, immature, and chickenshit things a person can do. JFC, if you’re too big of a fucking coward to tell someone it’s over, then fuck you, don’t date. You’re just gonna leave a trail of needlessly offended heartbroken people in your wake.

  9. When I was in my 20’s I went out with a gal who proceeded to order up some kind of cockamaimie super expensive alcohol. Waiter said we don’t have that and she said: Yea you do, it’s at the back bar. Remy Martin cognac of some pedigree.

    I excused myself to use the restroom and asked my buddy from high-school who tends bar there how much it cost. He told my $75 – so I just walked past the restroom and climbed into my Mustang and left.

    Her dad called me and wanted to know how I was raised. I told him a better question is how your daughter was raised and explained what had gone down. I guess she called Dear ol’ Dad to come down and foot the bill once it became apparent that I had bugged out. I saw her dad at the gun club a few weeks later and he was actually glad that I had put her in her place.

  10. Why does everybody feel it necessary to air their latest grievance on social media? More importantly, why do they think anyone cares?

  11. grool, I’m talking about after getting no response back from the texts. Whatever leads up to that clearly dead point in a nascent relationship, doesn’t really matter. She had no obligation beyond courtesy – and she was found lacking, so what’s next? An invoice or move on?

    There’s a point you need to realize you’ve been dropped and just move on. Some people have little strength to do it face to face, unless they want to inflict pain for some reason.

    Rejection can be hard on both parties if there isn’t an external reason behind it. One of the blessings of being married in my 20s. Totally easy to say no without them feeling like they were judged as unacceptable at first glance.

  12. He may have sent her the bill just to get a response. I think it’s funny. She didn’t have the balls to say, “no thank you”to his face but she had all the balls in the world to light his ass up on Twitter??? DRAMA QUEEN. And then she calls it a ‘cheap dinner’. Well, you are what you eat, precious.

  13. And then she calls it a ‘cheap dinner’.

    I noticed that as well. $14 for beans & Rice and a couple tacos ain’t exactly Taco Bell.

  14. Listen. A lot of women today are not like the women of ‘yesteryear’. Yesteryear women were equipped with self-worth, emotional strength, they could cook, take care of babies, graceful, direct, kept their legs closed til they finished high school because reputations meant something, and they knew better than to walk out in public wearing pajamas and slippers and they didn’t watch soap operas thinking they were real.
    Oh. And women weren’t grandmothers by age 25 back then, either.
    If I were an original Feminist, I would be fuming right now.

  15. I had a girlfriend once who got upset with me at my house when I ran out of coffee creamer. That was the last straw. (Spoon? There is no spoon, honey!).

  16. Bman dating tip: If she doesn’t at least kiss you on the first date, she isn’t interested in you. That’s the fact, Jack.

  17. Dad,

    The man clearly thought there was a chance at something else he wouldn’t have texted her. Okay, so she doesn’t have the common courtesy to tell the man what she decided. Lesson learned, a bullet dodged. But — all things and now all people being equal — at the very least she should pay for what she ate as well as for the time he wasted on her (and she did waste his time). I assume the guy really wasn’t serious about getting repaid but was making a point, in which case he is correct.

    Make them live by their own rulebook. Equal = equal.

  18. Grool, You’ve forgotten the rule of the wild for the male: It isn’t no until she says so – explicitly – you always think you have a chance until you don’t.

    Example: Young male walks up to hot girl at bar looking to hook up. If she doesn’t wave him off and outright reject him – he hangs around because he has a chance until that happens. “Hey! She didn’t say go away, so here I stay!”

    Even if she has zero interest in him and says so, he will think he has a chance and try until he’s outright rejected.

    This is a basic principle. I’m not impressed by this guy. It’s beta male stuff.

    P.S. We are spending way more energy in this short conversation than I would have given her after no response for a day. lol

  19. @MJA (at 2:39 pm): Great rant, and spot on! I went to school with those kind of women, and even though at certain times I might have wished they were as “easy” as the girls of today, deep down I respected them for the moral values they had been taught and upheld. Of course, there were “bad girls” you could date and have a good time with, but it was the “good girls” that guys wanted to marry.

    Now having said all that, I still think I was born too soon. I probably would have been better off coming of age in the seventies. Those times were better suited for a slut puppy like me. What can I say? As Popeye once said, “I yam what I yam”.



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