Women Tossed From Minneapolis Café For Wearing MAGA Hats

Three women were thrown out of a vegan eatery in Minneapolis for wearing Trump gear earlier this month, and now one of the women says her real estate business is under siege by Trump-hating leftists. Employees at the “worker-owned” Hard Times Cafe verbally abused the pro-life Trump supporters, calling them “terrorists” and “baby killers,” before forcing them to leave. More

Probably spared them a case of explosive diarrhea. – Dr. Tar

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  1. TG I live where I do. Went to a local Chinese place yesterday, saw a family there with dad wearing a MAGA hat. No problem.

  2. The woman in the MAGA hat should have said she was gay and that kicking her out would be a homophobic act she would sue for. Her friend should have declared she identified as trans.

  3. They were just asking for trouble going into a vegan restaurant willingly wearing MAGA hats. I’m not defending them or the friggin vegans but they stirred up a hornets nest in doing so. And who in their right mind goes into a vegan restaurant in he first place. There is an old Indian saying that says vegan stands for bad hunter.

  4. I just discovered a way to get a free meal. Order and eat most of your meal before putting on your MAGA hat. What are they gonna do, kick you out then?
    Idiology VS profit – That will make their heads explode!
    If only there was a list of anti Trump restaurants on the internet…

  5. Just don’t go in wearing the hat BEFORE you order. Who knows what one of those creatures would do to your food.

  6. “Baby Killers” says the Planned Parenthood crowd.

    Time to secede yet? You consider these people your fellow Americans?

  7. @ Jethro OCTOBER 22, 2019 AT 6:25 PM

    Great idea.

    I would add that you order double portions and put the hat on half way through the meal so you’re full but they kick you out – not paying for a meal you don’t let me finish. Never mind I was taking the second half home to eat later.

    Bonus they double lose on food and payment.

    Might as well max it out. Not like you’re eating there again. lol


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