Shut up, Al Green, You Friggin’ Dumbass

Listen to the Geico Caveman go for impeachment for the 3,000th time since Trump was elected.

What’s the “high crime and misdemeanor” this time?

Trump called the impeachment proceedings a “lynching.”

This caused morons to go apoplectic because NO ONE, NO ONE gets to “encroach on that.”

That’s for professional race baiters to cash in on!

Umm, listen, you ignoramus, you assholes have been calling Trump “LITERALLY HITLER” from the day he started winning. I’d say the “encroachment” on those atrocities is a little more flagrant and severe in the arena of “inappropriateness.” So, until you take it down a bit, sit down and shut the hell up.

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  1. If you run the numbers whites were also lynched 2,500 whites to about 3,500 blacks… The KKK was pretty much equal opportunity

  2. I think some black peeps are trying to culturally appropriate old westerns. WTF. Everyone that ever got Lynched in those old westerns be white.

  3. Doubt this ‘Al’ got’s any numbers on black on white rape.
    The injustice in to “Kill a Mockingbird”.
    Early Hollywood,,,

  4. Trump should refer to Al Green as the linchpin of the Democrat Party. Al would pop a vein before he realized he was actually being complimented.


  5. “How do he do this” …Al Green yelled at his refrigerator as the light seemed to want to stay on when the door was closed….

  6. Watching old Rifleman episodes on MeTV, it seems Lucas McCain was threatened with lynch mobs multiple times.

  7. “Watching old Rifleman episodes”

    Yea, and if it wasn’t for Matt Dillon everyone on Gunsmoke would have been Lynched. Twice. All white. Hell, they’ve tried to lynch Ben Cartwright multiple times. BEN CARTWRIGHT for Christ sake. I won’t even bring up that episode where they tried to make Hop Sing taller.

  8. I bet these idiots are not aware of lynching lae in California, at least, It has nothing to do with hanging but of wresting a suspect in custody away from the police. 405(a)(b) of the California Penal Code. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a demand to change the word lynch to something else. 🙄

  9. Groucho gets it!
    According to the Tuskegee Institute, 4,743 people were lynched between 1882 and 1968 in the United States, including 3,446 African Americans and 1,297 whites.

    Why do blacks allow people like Al Grind and Al Sharptongue to represent them?

  10. The good townsfolk wanted to lynch an old guy who had a Grizzly Adams beard and was a little crazy in the head who was stirring up rumors of a Pawnee Indian raid on last nights episode of Gunsmoke from the first season in 1956 on the INSP Network. Till Marshall Dillon and Chester stepped in and made them all look stupid for believing the false rumors the old guy had started and his Indian daughter gave him medicine (poison) before they attempted to lynch him. The first year episodes of Gunsmoke from 1956 are only 1/2 an hr. but are well worth watching because James Arness portrays a real bad ass Marshall Dillon in them. He mellowed out considerably over the years but those first episodes are probably some of the best in establishing Marshall Dillon’s character. I’ve become addicted to them.

  11. Miss Kitty was really hot in those early episodes of Gunsmoke. It’s too bad that Matt didn’t pay much attention or more attention to her. If you’ve never heard Riders In The Sky with Woody Paul (the king of the cowboy fiddlers) sing You’ve Worn Out Your Welcome, Matt you’re in for a treat because Miss Kitty has finally had enough. And if you didn’t know Miss Kitty was a Madam (she procured hookers/painted ladies for horny cowboys) with a heart of gold.

  12. I’ll bet Al’s caveman ancestors are proud of him for giving up his club and becoming the first Neanderthal man to be elected to congress.

    -kinda like Omar and Tlieb’s radical Muslim ancestors.

  13. Geoff Miss Kitty was way hot back in the day
    I like all the womens in the westerns
    Lynching is an illegal hanging.
    Blacks do not get to start claiming all the words and declare they are for special purposes only, to be used only by the select melanin group
    This is all absurd
    If I beat ten thousand Leftist dumb shits to death with a 12″ cast iron frying pan, the hapless Leftist dumb shits’ families cannot lay claim to the term: ‘Panhandle’ and forbid it to be spoken by all but those who have lost a loved one to my wrath.

  14. Yes jellybean
    Being a democrat congressman is so easy even a caveman can do it. Al Green not so much. Subhuman piece of shit.

  15. It’s a Democrat contest.
    After eight years, the Democrat with the most ludicrous inane reason to impeach President Trump wins the prestigious Dumbass Democrat Award

  16. When they wanted to check Greens IQ, they had to use a dipstick, The people of Houston really have a winner here, This clown makes AOC seem brilliant,

  17. Al Green qualifies for the “Moron Hall of Fame” his stupidity, hate and bias has allowed him the unprecedented award by never have been right about anything in his entire career. A true achievement even for the liberal idiot class.

  18. Some of the lynchings were blacks cleaning up their neighborhoods when the cops wouldn’t.They didn’t used to treat child molesters and perverts like heroes like they do now.

  19. Al is about as dumb as a rock, but I think the rock has him by abut 20 IQ points. He is a very sad example of what a politician is. No doubt at all that he is a democrat!

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