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Wong About Facebook


One of the very earliest adapters to Facebook, Julie Carrie Wong, now regrets giving herself over to the ever intrusive social media platform. You know, for someone who attended Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg, Ms. Wong seems like a naïve fool at best and a complete privacy idiot at worst. More

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  1. I freely admit that I’ve done some pretty stupid things over the years (I won’t say what they were because that would be stupid), but joining FB wasn’t one of them. It was clear to me early on what is now common knowledge: If you’re getting something for free, you’re not a customer, you’re the merchandise.

  2. I’ve always been wary of giving any private (and even not so private) information to anyone, even friends until they have proven they are trustworthy. Way I was built. Tried to pass that caution on to my children.

    Too many people are seduced by the momentary desire and ease of use without engaging their brains to think of the possible consequences. This applies to platforms like Facebook, and even more insidiously, Alexa.

  3. Yo, Al,
    My daddy told me that if something seemed too good to be true; it was.

    And the old Poker aphorism: “If you sit at the table for 5 minutes and can’t figure out who the sucker is, it’s you.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. in the best Sam Kinison voice laugh
    Facebook Losers

    but it goes so much deeper…
    What about official gov agencies that will not provide service without a valid account. Whether Facebook or Google or Twitter.

    Hopefully these recent reveals will slow or stop this State Dept Level stupidity from spreading.

    Just say No.

  5. @”Sam K” – Seriously? There are govt agencies that require a FB, Google, or Twitter acct? I didn’t know that. That really pisses me off. (Not the not knowing; the fact that some agencies do that.)

  6. Zuckerberg is a progressive, someone who claims to care more about people than money and to have a deep love of mankind. And these ninnies can’t put two and two together?

  7. Uncle Al
    Try ‘communicating’ with a faceless GOV agency without a FREE email account from Google or Facebook or Twitter.
    Of course, within 10 minutes someone will chime in that you could use Microsoft or Apple instead.
    I prefer a telephone.

  8. Uncle Al,
    Put so well. I tried to tell
    people years & years ago.You pay
    7 10 13 17 20$ for a ‘T’ shirt with
    some biz advert front & back.You advert.
    for them FOR FREE and you pay them to do it! HA HA HA !!!


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