Words To Live By


“It is 3,000 feet to the Bottom
And no undertaker to meet you
There is a difference
Between bravery and just plain

Yosemite National Park, 1915. Photograph from Special Collections UC Santa Cruz (click photo to embiggen)

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  1. Storytime. When I was a wee pre-teen lad, my parents stuffed me in the car and drove from Chicago to the Grand Canyon. We get out at a fenced off look-out and looked-out. I followed the fence line to where it turned to a tree and rock line and kept walking. Suddenly there were no trees or rocks and I was staring at a 1000+ foot drop off, straight down. My parents caught up behind me about 10 feet away (they wouldn’t go any further), mom starts yelling and I was frozen, absolutely petrified to turn back or move at all. Those 2 or 3 steps I had to take to get back to safety was damn near impossible and an event that will stick with me forever. Be safe, my friends, and watch your kids.

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