You should be smokin’


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  1. That is brilliant. I mean it. They may try to hand me Jordan Peterson’s “Rap God”, but it leaves me cold. This, I can relate to.

  2. We all run ar sixty cycles. What about it? .Hell, sling aome country info it. Very groovy and mindful about all of our ‘differences’.

  3. Thirdtwin actually made me look up Jordan Peterson “rap God”.

    Please do not run that one up the flag pole on this site … 😉


  4. I like these remixes of familiar songs.
    The first one I ever saw was the Jazz Sabbath Paranoid shown here on IOTW some time back.
    I still love it.
    But even Fishbone’s version of Freddy’s Dead, in memory of Freddy Gray, is worth a listen.

  5. As a 9th grader I was sent home from high school for wearing my “Insane Coho Lips” (ask a Chicagoan) tee shirt which had “Disco Sucks!” across the back. My tolerance for the Bee-Gees and all things disco has never changed.

  6. I watched American Bandstand, Soul Train and Shindig religiously as a kid. And especially loved Hee Haw and The Grand Ole Opry to get my music fix. I really liked the Dillard’s appearances on The Andy Griffith Show too.

  7. Well I was actually dancing on the Lloyd Thaxton show five or six times, but you’ve probably never heard of that mid-sixties, West Coast version of American Bandstand. He intoduced lipsyncing by some lucky kids picked early in the program. We thought we were all that, my mom drove us to hollyweird for the live show production. Naneenaneenanee. Sorry for that.

  8. After Bojangles started putting white gravy on their mashed ‘taters I knew it was the beginning of the end. This confirms it.

    Tina B, Lloyd Thaxton’s nickname was “America’s oldest teenager” btw…

  9. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ AUGUST 23, 2019 AT 10:51 PM

    Thank You, revisit some in the morning as the puter at work on the weekends won’t allow u-tube…

  10. It’s amusing to read what people here post after reading their diatribes about the destruction of our culture. Hypocrisy much!


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